Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Boy Meets Playground

Little Boy Meets Playground

Target... I am side-eyeing you right now.

Usually I can enjoy shopping at Target in the small kiddo section often. They usually have several things I want and it is a joy to pick something adorable out for Sammy.

Not lately. It has been so boring and lame in there - my money is quite safe. The husband is probably wondering where this sudden boon of income has come from. I am sure I will find something to spend my hard earned pennies on but- Genuine Kids and Target come on!

Friends have told me it is the same for the girl's section as well. I found the same to be true a couple of years ago. Some times target is just hit or miss. I probably am over annoyed at them but I am just going to let myself be mad.

That along with Sammy coming home from school looking like a box car kid daily- there has been a shocking lack of inspiration lately. I know that will pick up soon. I did get some adorable sandals and he looked pretty darn cute this morning. So ebb and flow I guess.

Happy Wednesday! We have a three day week this week. Friday the hubs and I are spending the day in Cincinnati where Jungle Jim is located. We clearly need cheese! That and Sammy is going to make the change from toddler bed to twin bed. He's not keen yet. I am hoping a bed setup in his room will be appealing. I am excitedly trying to decide on bedding so that has been something I am enjoying. More to come on that!