Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I bought some Nikes

Sunday was a pretty great day, weather aside.

Sammy and I went to the mall to check out Gap and Nordstrom. Sammy had outgrown his shoes and needed a school-friendly pair. Kind of backstory; my dad picks Sammy up from school and usually kids are in their sock covered feet at school- no shoes because they work on the floor as is pretty common in Montessori.

My dad is a disabled veteran and has a knee injury. Getting small shoes on and laced is a job. Frankly it's a job I try to help avoid because he's already doing SO MUCH! He has been lifting Sammy onto the very tall cubbies to tie shoes on the 2-3 days we've sent non velcro or slip on shoes. So it's been on my mind that Sammy needs school shoes that work for him to put on himself.

So that is the backstory. I probably could have told you dear reader that we needed velcro shoes but I feel confident that everyone loves a little glimpse into our madness.

Buying the Nikes was easy enough- I really would have preferred some cute moccs that were oddly situation in the girl's section. Hmmph. Unisex thank you! My sister did not agree and I got major side eye. (along with some adorable cut offs from Gap that I just decided I am going to go back and get!) I let her know that there was only one person present in Nordy's shoes with a fashion blog thankyouverymuch. But she is lovely and the best Aunt in the world so I can't exactly say she was wrong or be mad- just didn't have the internal vision of amazingness that would be if I had both said moccs and cut offs on Sammy in an adorable spring ensemble!

I have felt for the last few weeks that I'm stretched thin. I am the sort that can't operate in a mess. And my house can sure feel messy to me in a hurry. It's large so I am not sure why that is - but I have some accomplished messers in my midst. They're cute so they at least have that grace. Since we have some company staying with us for Easter and family coming for dinner I've been focusing on getting my house back in top shape.

The blog has suffered because I need things to be orderly and pretty before I can be creative. I need Easter to pass, my house to be clean, and to be on the other side of March before my head is in a good place. I am toying with the idea of trying to sell our house to get something that is just easier for me to keep clean. Or a maid. That would be lovely!
PS I would show the Nikes but they are plain and frankly I need a little more beauty and less plain going on so maybe after I start feeling more like myself.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

We don't get terribly dressy for Easter here. I will probably wear a cotton dress and the hubs will probably wear about what he'd wear to work. 
Sammy is going to wear his Zara jeans with suspenders. Basically because I love them and cannot find enough excuses to get his cute self into these pants. I bought a pair of suspenders that just go on any old pants but honestly these are easier because they don't clip on. They button on. 
I am on a kick to determine why my friend Robin loves Gymboree so much. Aside from the fact that her kids always look flawless in their clothing- I can never find anything for Sammy there. I probably need to tag along. The shirt is Gymboree and the sweater is Osh Kosh from Target. These boots are from Tea Collection. I really like them and find that they're nice for things that need a bit of style and waterproofing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Goals

Back in January my husband and I decided that we were going to focus on mini goals. We decided that we're always trying to accomplish the same big goals and that we may not have the skill set needed to get there. Enter the mini goals.

Limit Carb Intake to Net 25 grams per day
Work out 3x/week
Listen to each other more- no interrupting
Get outside and play when the weather cooperates
Go to bed at a decent time.

We've done so well at not drinking sugary drinks. I was able to cut out Dr Pepper! I am actually so proud of the fact that even though I've been sick with my third virus of 2015 that I haven't caved. It's been a while- maybe a month. That is pretty amazing for me.

We need to work on the working out.... Yikes. I practice yoga and have had a rough go of it lately because two weeks ago I got the plague. Or a nasty virus. We'll see if I make it a few more weeks. Ugh.

Hoping Spring can really help us elevate our energy levels. We're both feeling pretty good these days. Trying out best to keep the positivity and happiness in our lives. We've done good work at eliminating people and things that bring us down and I feel like we're stronger and a better team for that effort.

Do you have mini goals or a big 2015 goal you are working on?

Update... Dr Visit

I mentioned before that Sammy was being evaluated for asthma. I am happy to report that everything looks great and he isn't afflicted. Cue enormous sigh of relief!

I wanted to put this out there because I know it is really scary to do research on croup and find that usually three years old is the cut off. Sammy is four and we've had two incidents since his birthday.

The airway on a small child is vulnerable. Whenever he gets sick it seems to settle in his throat/airway and gives him croup/stridor breathing first. He can go to bed without a cough or runny nose and wake up with trouble breathing and that horrible croup sound. We were given a breathing treatment machine so I feel that we're ready in case it should happen again.

So if your child has this happen please know you're not alone. And big hugs. That feeling waking up to your child making that sound is horrible. (This is probably why I still use two monitors)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter Bunny is Bringing...

Easter Bunny is Bringing...

We had a bit of an Old West theme going apparently when I decided Sammy's Easter basket things. Like everything I like to buy ahead of time so I'm not breaking the bank all at once. 
We saw this Janod train set before Christmas and I really love it. I thought it would be cool to focus on a set so that Sammy can build up a world instead of just connecting trains together. 
The railroad jeans are from Gap and the shirt is from Old Navy. My mom was so nice and picked up Sammy's stuffed animal over at Blabla kids in Atlanta while she was in the area. Luckily she was parked illegally and only had minutes because that store can get expensive quick! We actually got the Georgia Cow because so much of my family lives in Georgia and I thought it would be a fun way to tie the two together. Especially since my family is coming up for Easter. We have big plans for the weekend here!