Sunday, March 30, 2014

Modern Moose

Recently I found an amazing Fox clock on Gilt and had to have it. Well this Moose has to go with the clock. I needed something 3D for Sammy's gallery wall. I cannot wait for the reveal. I just need to finish recovering his love seat then everything is complete. Check out this company. Their work is colorful, whimsical, and totally modern. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Putting Away the Diapers

Sammy is pretty well on the road on this potty training adventure. He has had exactly one accident after the initial days and seems pretty happy to be a big kid now. Mainly our big tip here is that we waited until we thought he was really ready and could understand the need to use the potty.

Picking out the undies didn't seem to help. Mainly those three days of being pantless and just sticking him on the potty were our go to solution. Not sure we used any actual technique but this is what drove it home.

We then had a sticker chart and instant gratification method going. Every time he went he got to pick a toy from the fishbowl on the counter. Then he got a sticker and when the row was filled up he received a bigger toy from the store. I ended up just gathering up some of his $1 hotwheels and he didn't realize they were not new. The toys were a big win. He wanted to go just to get one. I did get about $10 worth of hotwheels so he had some to unwrap but I placed a variety in there. It sure helped.

As for the cloth diapers- I took out the inserts of everything and washed with bleach. Then I ran through the sanitize setting and stored in a bin in our closet. The shells and covers were washed on warm very well and stored separately.  Since we plan on having another we will not place in storage bags- I think the airflow helps in this case.

So there you have it- potty training is working out, he is in a toddler bed, and can say basically any word in the English language. I swear I had a little baby just yesterday. Oh well- he's cute I'll keep him!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Just a fun Gap shirt to start off the week.
Tuesday- Layers. It snowed. Seriously is it ever going to get nicer out?
Wednesday- I have been doing a ton of button downs lately with Sammy. They look nice and are very fun for Spring. 
Thursday- Fun Tea shirt and jeans. I need a new pair of jeans for him. Bodens are now too small. 
Friday- Fun stripes from Carters and a nice jacket with some denim.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sammy had his first real accident. It was after a really great day at school. He was playing with the puppies and forgot to go. Kinda glad he has had a great experience so far and didn't feel really embarrassed and upset. Now we're in jammies and making dinner. 

Good Times Recently

You can see Sammy's friend running off in the distance. He had to stop chasing in order to get onto this  car that was a kid favorite at the park. He waited his turn and was thrilled!
We had a total blast playing with friends. It was so lovely and warm! Cannot wait for the weather to cooperate again!
He didn't want to go on this big slide right away. He worked up the courage and did it. I really proud. Sammy is a look before you leap kind of child and I love supporting his spirit by not forcing him into things he finds scary. He does it eventually.
Sammy riding his crazy bus!

Winter Bests

This Winter was brutal! I mean come on Polar Vortex. It just won't leave. It is snowing here right now. Kind of like a snowglobe. Every hates it but I not so secretly love that it looks so pretty out and plus it is a vast improvement over the last few months. Here are the top 10 things I've loved about Winter 2013/2014 and my fashion faves.

Winter Faves
1 Little snow boots.
2 Laughing at yellow snow
3 Our favorite tree covered in snow
4 Seeing the snow melt off
5 Unexpectedly snowed in
6 Snuggling together when heater broke
7 Blowing frozen bubbles
8 Frozen in general
9 Winter Pics on Instagram
10 Sammy talking about snow outside

Fashion Winter Faves
1 Sammys mocs
2 Bright Green Toddler Coat
3 Sorel Boots. Yes Please!
4 Winter White
5 Bogs in the snow
6 Babylegs
7 Toddler Scarves
8 Reindeer Hats
9 Lined Pants
10 Toddler Hunter boots

Come on Spring! We are excited for you! Today Sammy came in the kitchen so thrilled to have waffles and watch Frozen. It's amazing to see him have his own favorites. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reflections of a Cloth Diapering Mama

Well. The end is here. Sammy is potty learning and we're officially not using diapers during the day anymore. He only wears a overnight diaper at night and one during naptime.

We stopped being able to use cloth about six months ago for nighttime. He was just too much of a heavy wetter to use his prefolds or fitted diapers and covers. The disposable just made more sense. I could not really see buying an entire stash of overnight things for what was really going to be a few more months of this time in our lives.

Now that he uses two diapers a day- using a cloth diaper during naptime would be a gigantic waste of water. You need a full load of diapers to make the water worthwhile and it would just be not cost effective or a good use of natural resources or our family resources.  And often he wears his big boy undies and we only have the overnight diaper.

I am kinda sad really. Truly. My baby no longer wears diapers during the day. He is growing and this is not something he needs from me anymore. It was kind of the last thing that connected us to the baby time in his life. I feel so blessed to be his mother and seeing him grow is that constant reminder in my eyes that these days are always limited. I know that God prepares us for every season in our lives- but this has been the hardest for me- to see him need me less and less.

The other part of me is really glad that he has started this and I will not be cleaning up poopy diapers and really nasty cloth diapers that have sat in a bag all day at daycare. That part of me is doing cartwheels. There will be less laundry- less water used, and less detergent used on this. Our resources grow a bit. My time grows- I won't need to stuff cloth diapers or hang them to dry.

Cloth Diapering was something I set out upon over three years ago and wasn't sure how I would make it work. Lots of people felt I would fail and I am so proud that I really kept this going so long. I sure used some disposable diapers, but overall I have saved my family so much money. I have an entire stash of diapers to use for our next child whenever God graces us with their presence and I feel honored to have saved some valuable resources.

It taught me about making it work. It was pretty easy to accomplish and worked out well. But there were times I really didn't want to wash dirty diapers. I didn't want to stay up to get them rinsed. But Sammy needed diapers and that was just my job. It also taught me a bit about other moms. That sometimes what you do and feel passionate about, can really make them feel inferior. That was tough at times because I was proud that we were making this work but didn't want to make other moms feel like their choices weren't up to par because that is not the case. I truly believe that a lot of mothering is about facts vs truths and our  truth was that this worked for us, but a lot of other mothers have a whole host of other things to consider and disposables are the best option.

Cleaning poop off of a diaper is humbling. It is humbling when you get it all over your hands. Or under  your nail. It was just a lesson in me serving my family and sometimes that choice is hard. But you wash your hands and put a smile on your face and get the next diaper in the wash. It has been one of the things that has made me the mother I am now.

I am grateful for a husband that was also passionate about making this work. A family that thought that I was making the best decision for Sammy- and for people who felt differently that pretty much kept it to themselves. I am coming to potty learning with a big victory and as mother's we all need those from time to time.


Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Spring is so close I can  taste it. Last night we went to the park but honestly it was a touch too cold to stay for too long. The wind was blowing very cold. My sister and brother-in-law came out for an impromptu picnic and play after our day was winding down. It was lovely!
Monday- Clearly we needed to do up the green! Green Carters chinos with a fun tea shirt and Gap cardigan for an extra layer. 
Tuesday- Fun plaid from Boden with a British Tee. I put the tee over the long sleeved shirt for a warm layer.
Wednesday- Today Sammy is rocking this cool Gap shirt with Gap jeans and a nice Boden hoodie. 
Thursday- Gap skinnies with a Gap Easter shirt. I love this one. I try to find seasonal items that work for the holiday but are still ok for every day. A rain slicker to give another layer and bring warmth.
Friday- Camo pants paired with this amazing Zara hoodie. I think they must have made it just for Sammy given the S on it. It's a must! I am loving Zara this season. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Potty Days!

Sammy started to use the potty. We've been so hard at work the last three days. Our method kinda looks like this:
1) Be naked
2) Sit on the potty every 20 mins. Rinse and Repeat x 100000

He did manage a pee on Day #3 and was handsomely rewarded by a hotwheels car and a sticker. Mama was rewarded by the smiles on his face and feeling of accomplishment he felt. Insanely amazing this little guy. I am so blessed by him!

We have some Thomas underoos ready to go for when we get there. I am glad we waited. It was pretty stressful and I am glad that we've now had two wins! We did have two accidents but they were minor - no tears and no fuss.

Note about Potty Training- I did some research and during this age is when kids are most likely to be abused. It is stressful. Do whatever you can do help out kids and parents during hard times. Don't say mean things- don't bring it up unless they do. No kids go to college in diapers unless there is a medical problem. Be kind- it won't hurt you. Just smile and tell the mom how cute her kids are and that it is no big deal. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Playground Days

This little guy has been having a blast with warmer weather! This was taken Monday when the temps were cooperating! 
Of course the smile on his face is amazing. Spring you are very welcome here!
This weekend should be really nice. Sammy is hitting up the library and a parade. 
Note the silly face. He's having the best time. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- We pretty much played at the park as long as we could. It was 60- but a very chilly wind was blowing. These lined pants and layers really worked well. I love vests for early Spring weather. 
Tuesday- Sammy's exact pants I could not find a replica of. They are Osh Kosh and have adorable knee pads sewn in and are really intricate. The shirt is one of my faves.
Wednesday- Today I needed a pop of color after more neutral days. I love this Tea thermal and Boden jeans. We had to move to a size 4. I sure love their jeans though. Remember- they are for skinny kids. 
Thursday- Yellow Gap jeans with my fave Tea button down. 
Friday- This hoodie reminds me of my sister for the world. Harry Potter inspired in my mind. Just a Boden look for a Friday. Great jeans, a cute British tee. We have library time on Friday and I am already excited. Getting Sammy into the library is pretty much a life goal. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Warmer Weather Shoe Round Up!

Spring Shoe Round Up

These are the shoes I am getting Sammy for Spring/Summer 2014. He wears around a size 10. Some things of note: Sammy has to have pretty much all closed toe shoes due to his school's rules. We decided against the popular Keen sandals as many moms have informed me that they start to smell as soon as they become wet. They are also about $55... Not spending that much for smelly shoes. 
1) Orange high top converse. I feel the orange goes well with his wardrobe. The green was a close second. I may still get those. I like a high top on Sammy. He's still a toddler and although falls are not as frequent- he's still fairly klutzy. 
2) Stride Rite Sandals. These are fairly cute and give a lot of airflow. He needs something with closed toes and this fits the bill nicely. His school as a ton of water activities so I usually need an actual shoe from stride rite for this function.
3) These little Saucony shoes are precious. I love how cute they are on. Looks great with shorts and good for playground time.
4) Nike Sunrays. These are really nice for hot days and look so cute on. I really wanted a pair last year but they were sold out by the time I got around to it. 
Not pictured are just some non slip pool shoes. I have not decided where to get these from. Usually we have bunch more shoes in summer as they need baths more often and when you introduce the sandbox and stinky feet... Its better to have more than less. You really want to get something you can wash and that holds up well. Stride Rite is my favorite Summer brand because they are made to be washed. 

Viva La Spring!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ready for Weekend- Itching to grab the Dude!!!

I am so ready to grab my kiddo. School is in for another hour. Cannot wait to get our weekend started. He is so precious. On the agenda:
1) Babysitting a friend's youngest while she takes her oldest out for a birthday celebration.
2) Visiting Papa! (we are Cajun- my son calls my dad Papa French style)
3)  Haircut. Sammy has a mullet and I have had a really hard time getting a cut in.
4) Date night with a toddler along! What is more romantic than boogie wipes and children's menus!
5) Organizing the kitchen. Preferably sans toddler assistance.
6) Sleep/Rest/Couch Surfing/Being a Bum!

The weather is nice so I hope to get a little park time. Or at least some natural vitamin D on our faces! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. There is no better day than Friday with the promise of free time and fun!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Colors to make me happy. This winter is never ending. I am pairing so much with Sammy's mocs.
Tuesday- Zara shirt I love! I put a long sleeved shirt under the Zara shirt with some jeans. Classic and stylish.
Wednesday- Fun Gap jeans and a nice pullover. I love this Carters shirt. We have it in every size. It runs a bit large though.
Thursday- Camo pants with grey shirt. A favorite! 
Friday- Busting out the plaid! I love this Carters jacket and Carters shirt. Just some whimsy for the upcoming weekend. I am toning it down with some brown Stride Rite boots. 

Hope everyone is having a great week. Things are looking up. This weekend should be nicer and I am starting to feel like Spring will be here soon. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Playdate on the Open Road

Playdate on the Open Road
This weekend Sammy and I decided to host a fun playdate about an hour away. We wanted to stretch our legs and see a new place. We settled on an interactive Science museum for kids. We had an absolute blast and wanted to share some of the essentials we used while out.

Some of the not pictured essentials are a good attitude and sense of adventure. We brought our iPhone camera to get some good shots and although not everything went 100% to plan- we decided to roll with the punches and just enjoy the good times with friends.

1) Lifefactory water bottle. They are glass with a silicone overlay. I love that they have a straw so it makes it very toddler friendly. I just bring my large 22 oz bottle along- but Sammy has a smaller one too. We're kind of at the "too old for a sippy stage" or near it.
2) Change of clothing. Or two depending on your kiddos age. Even if they are a bit older. Museums almost always have some sort of water table these days and it just makes it less of a hassle to keep them clean. Bring an extra pair of socks. Some places are no shoes.
3) Stroller. To store your things. But call ahead and see if the space you're heading is stroller friendly. The museum we were visiting wasn't stroller adverse but we didn't need the stroller in the slightest. Our Bugaboo Bee has a lovely wheeled board that Sammy can ride on. So although he won't sit in a stroller any longer- he will ride on that and it keeps him safe while crossing streets and during longer walks. 
4) Dream Blanket from Aden + Anais. This could be really called your touch from home. Sammy loves to snuggle with this during car rides. We needed him to be fairly content so this was a must. 
5) Extra diapers! You just never know. We cloth diaper but usually use these Honest Company ones if we will be more than an hour away from home. It just is easier than a stinky wetbag in the car. I try to bring enough for a whole day. I just never know if something bad will happen. Moms Murphy's Law.
6) I try to have some extra blankets in the car. Sammy collects the Aden + Anais swaddles as nap and security blankets. I will rig one up around his seat if the sun is bothering him or snuggled around his face if he falls or has a bad moment while we're out. They bring him comfort and they're just outright handy.
7) I am a modular packer and use these Ju-Ju-Be sets and quicks to organize my diaper bag. I have one piece that holds diapers, a travel thing of wipes, a disposable changing mat, and some of those extra handy disposable trash bags. The other contains his extra set of clothes (see 2 above) and a trash bag in the zippered compartment for wet clothing.
Hope this helps you get into the travel frame of mind with your adorable kiddos! We loved a change of scenery and playing with good friends away from home!