Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pregnancy Story!

Pregnancy Story!

I wrote this post when 32 weeks pregnant with our second child. I will publish this after the birth announcement. We've been private about this pregnancy for a few reasons. One being that pregnancies aren't always stress-free and I felt that comments, even helpful and loving ones, were more than I was willing to take on while growing another human. Sometimes even good-natured comments really hurt. Second we had some complications early on and my husband and I decided that this news was best shared with only very close friends and family.

We decided last year that 2015 was the year we were ready to grow our family again. We always wanted a healthy age gap in between kiddos. One reason being that paying for college would be tough if they were back to back. Other reasons include provisions for health concerns and emotional resources. Plus I felt like I wanted to give myself some time to regain my nutrient stores in my body and teeth. With Sammy I had a C Section and I wasn't really ready until he was around three to think about going through this again.

I am only 5'3 and short waisted to boot. My husband is very tall and Sammy was a big baby. He was 8.5 lbs born nearly a week early and I am hoping this one is nine pounds. At least eight pounds is my ultimate goal. I like a big baby! Carrying to term is not something I had trouble with before, and really my pregnancy with Sammy was easy- I just knew my body needed time after being so extended.

We tried for four months. It went by quickly and I had a feeling that the latest cycle was a success around Easter. We were at the Zoo for a visit and I sunburned my cheeks. That was odd so I felt like it could be a possibility. (Pregnancy raises your blood volume and you burn easily) I waited a week or so and tested in the Target bathroom. I know some people would not have wanted to find out that way- but seriously Target is my second home. I love stopping in there on a work lunch break and just seeing what there is to see. Maybe with a popcorn and coke icee in hand. The sales girl wished me good luck after seeing the test.

I beat my husband home by a few minutes and put the positive test in the mailbox. He came in and acted nonchalant and then let me know he'd seen it and was very excited! We didn't tell anyone until much later and enjoyed the secret between the two of us.

The first trimester was honestly pretty scary. I started spotting around five weeks and was pretty concerned. The doctor ordered some beta testing to check that all levels were rising appropriately. After the first draw the nurse told me she thought I was losing the baby. My progesterone was extremely low. I was devastated. The second draw was better and the nurse said progesterone was hard to measure. I was ordered to be on a supplement until the placenta took over progesterone production. It made everything taste like metal and retain water. That was a small price to pay! I had no morning sickness and really only an aversion to meat. I craved sweet foods!

The second trimester was fine. I started having some mild back pain and tiredness but otherwise was great. We announced the 4th of July and everyone was surprised and excited for us. Sammy pretty much guessed the news because we had him watch the Daniel Tiger episode where he learns he's going to be a big brother. He asked me if he was going to get a new baby and we told him that he was in fact going to be getting a new baby at Christmas. He solidly believed the baby to be a girl and likes the names Lucy and Gracie.

It was pretty funny- Lucy is my grandmother's name and my sister called using it forever ago. I haven't really ever given a second thought after that so I told him that we already have a Lucy. He said he didn't like that one and we need a new one. He actually likes Grandma very much! Turns out his friend Olivia in class had a new baby sister named Lucy so he felt it was a good choice. Once during a OB appt- Sammy let the receptionist know that the baby would be Gracie. I like the name but I know we won't use it. He is a funny kiddo!

The anatomy scan went really well- my husband was able to attend and we enjoyed seeing the little one on screen. All ultrasounds have been pretty hard to read with a titled uterus so this was like the rest- overall just nice that everything is ok.

The third trimester was a little more fun. I've been tired and walking around is harder this go round. I passed my gestational diabetes testing which was a relief since sweets are my thing these days. I overall feel less anxiety and have a better time of letting myself be excited and optimistic. I have been focusing on really taking the time to be grateful and enjoying this season in my life. I had a blast during my pregnancy with Sammy and really wished this time would be as magical. With the initial complications I have had a tough time letting myself be excited and relaxed and I think my body has noticed and responded to that. We are getting there though.

My dear friends threw me the sweetest and most thoughtful baby sprinkle ever! We decorated baby onesies and played games. It was perfection. We are so blessed to have wonderful people around us! I could really go on and on about the wonderful support I have from my close friends. Without them this motherhood business would be a lot harder. I know a lot of moms don't have friends that share their struggles so I know I totally lucked out.

The lovely and amazing women of my bible study threw me a second baby sprinkle close to delivery and it was a shock! What sweet friends. I can't honestly believe we're this blessed. I mean that very honestly. After becoming a mom you really just hope you're being a good enough friend to deserve that kind of thing. And we all think we're failing all of the time. I just feel incredible that we have so many in our corner.

At some point I may post a delivery story but may not. I am completely recovered and healthy after delivering a very healthy baby BOY! Miles Henry. Big Brother loves his little baby and does a wonderful job helping out. The adjustment was harder than I expected by about a million percent. We're getting better each and every day and soon I will have Sammy go to Kindergarten. God is so good!