Monday, April 28, 2014

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Resale... Name Brand Used Clothing

If you are into a certain brand of kids' clothing - check out if they have a facebook resale group. Or start your own.

For example, I belong to a couple of Facebook Resale Groups. They are for Zara, Gap, Boden, and H&M. I get great deals on gently used clothing for Sammy. I just got a brand new pair of jeans for $10 from Gap which is a pretty great deal.

It is often a great way to find a larger size of an item your child is growing out of. You can also sell your gently used or brand new clothes there! You just need the ability to ship out and a paypal account. I always say paypal is mommy currency.

Instagram is also popping up with a ton of resale shops. You might just peruse the hashtag #resale for ideas.

Hope this helps! Gently used clothing is a great way to stretch those clothing dollars while still getting the things you love.

Keen Retraction!

A while back I mentioned that we will not be buying Keen sandals for Sammy. They are very popular and just look great. I was told by a couple of moms that they start to smell after they've gotten wet.

Recently I found out that is not the case. You want to get the H2 version. They wash and wear great. Happy Shopping!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Cute Gap jeans and a nice hoodie. Fun green shoes for some color.
Tuesday- Gap skinnies with a layered t shirt. I love this one, actually got it for like $3. Can't beat cheap.. Well free is better but seriously! I love a deal. 
Wednesday- I love this Dino Gap shirt. So cute! Nice Carters dark jeans with some sneakers. Really cute and sweet!
Thursday- Camo pants and a grey hoodie. Red or Orange chucks to give it something special. 
Friday- Yellow Tea thermal and Zara jeans with suspenders. I think we're going boots with this outfit! 

Hope everyone is finding some good weather and enjoying using their winter staples for a bit longer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Sammy fell asleep coming home from Papa and Grandmas. Played too hard. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week of Clothing!

Week of Clothing!

Monday- It snowed. I did layers. Fun little Genuine kids olive shirt and dark jeans. Orange chucks because it needed a little funk!
Tuesday- I love this Tea button down and Gap skinnies. Yellow jeans ended up being an amazing investment. 
Wednesday. Interesting layers. Tea graphic shirt under a red Gap superhero tee. Boden jeans and some plain shoes. 
Thursday- Carters chinos and a Gap hooded t shirt. Orange chucks. I love Gap this season.
Friday- Camo pants with a red shirt. Praying for some warmer weather!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Today it turned cold again suddenly. I am sure everyone can guess my feelings regarding the weather. I wanted to stick up what we decided on as a team (Sammy and me) this morning to wear. Really nice and warm Gap pullover with Carters lined pants. We really got our money out of the lined pants this year. They are lovely. Not too warm but give a little layer to block extra wind. I love the pop of red this Zara jacket gives. Monkey socks for my little monkey. Ours are getting a bit off white so they will be retired soon. Stride Rite boots. The red laces always look great and the height gives his ankles a little more insulation. All in all he can play inside and be comfy and then take it outside and be warm. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Outfit Idea Thursday

Spring Outfit Idea Thursday

I love jeans for this weather. Colder in the mornings and really nice during the day. I try to find a darker wash - I just think they set off outfits well. (Mom tip wash them inside out on cold to maintain the color). 
Boden has amazing shirts. They are true hand me down quality and the whimsical details are just great. They are truly a place where you are spending more money but the pieces are worth it. I love a short sleeved shirt because Sammy loves to run and play. Plus getting his sleeves all straightened out in the hoodie is zero fun.
I love a hoodie/sweatshirt for this weather. He can take it off if he gets too warm and they really add something special to each outfit. I love this one from Boden. It reminds me of Harry Potter. 
For shoes in this weather I really like something he can squish in some mud. These stride rite boots are nice because they can be washed but they also are water resistant if he gets in some soggy ground after a good rain. 
Hope this idea helps. Boys clothing can be just so much fun if you look for the extra special details and have fun with your choices!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Suspenders. Amazing!

Tuesday- Gap skinnies and I layered a Gap tee and a carters long sleeved shirt. Just something to break it up a bit.

Wednesday- Chinos from Carters and a lovely Tea pullover

Thursday- Lined camo pants from Carters and a Boden tee and hoodie.

Friday- Gap jeans and Gap shirt. I am in love with this silly shirt. Just too adorable. Skulls done right in my estimation!

We're still loving our adorable orange chucks. Carters socks and undies are still the underpinnings of choice.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nursery Update

The nursery is chaos.

The nursery has been under renovation since I was pregnant with Sammy. I think everyone has accepted that this room is pretty much never going to be "done". It is my love note to my family. I have dreamed of this little perfect space for my kids to dream since I was married to the hubs.

The roof leaking just kind of brought things full circle. Everything is in the center of the room right now. Sammy is camped out in another room for what seems like an eternity. After today the ceiling will be repaired, the furniture put right, and my projects will begin again.

First project to be completed is to recover the loveseat. We are about 1/4 of the way done. It needs another slip cover for the cushion made, and the structure needs to be reinforced. I will sew some pillows in fabric I have been squirreling away.

Secondly is to recover the ottoman. I just need some fabric and nailheads. Ok I probably already have the fabric. But you never want to settle on your magnum opus.

I need a new mirror for above his dresser which I found at Target. I need to complete his gallery wall above his reading chair, and then sew another banner for above the sofa.

Once I complete these tasks, the nursery will be at it's new finished stage. I will renovate it again I am sure. That's pretty much the nature of a child's room. At some point after it is complete I will compile my list of nursery tips. I have a long list at this point I guess. Right now I am still forming those thoughts but I know it feels amazing to be this close to our first little finish line.

Below is just a tiny sneak preview.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Zara Suspenders... These are adorable on and sizing is generous. They give the wardrobe a big shot of style. Getting a pair of pants that are special is good for photos and you can mix and match.
Orange Chucks. Not a lot of money and really set every outfit you pair with them on fire. A pair of colorful shoes is a great trick to maximizing each outfit. They give a burst of interesting color and make even a totally plain outfit really cool. 
OshKosh anorak. The color is so perfect and it really gives the Spring jacket something extra. Something you can use at the park that you enjoy like this is a great tip for feeling wonderful about the clothes you are putting your kiddo into.
Tea Collection is always great for that little something extra. This pattered shirt photographs well and is pretty neutral. Get a shirt that no one else would ever have.
Tea Collection elephant shirt is something memorable. The chevron sleeves are really cool. Having a basic shirt in the wardrobe that really looks different and interesting is a fun way to make pictures pop and set your kids apart.
Gap sweater can be put with a lot of different color pants, it is warm and just plain looks great. Gap sweaters hold the test of time. I feel that their sweaters are perfect for those dressy events you need to attend and look nice but not overly dressed. They have amazing sales and clearance on their sweaters. 

Getting a few items that really set off the wardrobe is a great way to maximize your dollars. For all of these items- I could pair them with basic items and still have Sammy look really cool. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jackets for Spring

Jackets for Spring

1. Boden 2. OshKosh 3. Carters 4. Genuine Kids 5. Boden 6. Zara 7. Genuine Kids 8. Carters 9. Carters

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zara Roundup

Zara Roundup

Honestly I am getting to the point where I cannot fathom spending more money on Sammy's wardrobe for Spring/Summer. I really haven't spent too much - just a bit here and there at Carters. I still need shorts and a pair of shoes or two and I am totally set. That being said... These are basically must haves from Zara.
First off is the sweatshirt. I love it. The amazing zipper and detailing are just amazing. 
The Car shirt is so sweet. The little buttons are the perfect coupling of good design and little sweet details. 
Next is the Beatles shirt. We love them so the shirt needs to find itself in  Sammy's closet. Lastly is the little sweet city scape NYC taxi. The price is right and it will photograph very well. 
Zara does run large so if you are ordering be mindful of that. One of the reasons I love them so greatly is their customer service and their attention to detail. The package always comes like a present and is neatly folded. Their shipping is no joke. Once even coming on a Saturday. I just feel like they value me as a customer when I buy from them. Their clothing is extremely well made and of a quality like that of a good brand adults clothing. 
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easy Enchiladas!

So Sammy if you did not know it is Mexican. The red hair gave it away right? He is not Mexican by birth- he is Mexican by choice. He adores anything with a little bit of Mexican flair!

I make enchiladas all of the time. They are a staple at our house. I thought I would share a pretty easy to make meal (sans pics sorry!). Usually we make shredded chicken ones, but lately we've been enjoying ground beef.

1 lb beef. We use Laura's from Target.
1 pkg cream cheese
1 bag shredded cheese
1 bag whole wheat flour tortillas
2 Small cans enchilada sauce
Roma tomato
Small Vidalia Onion
Black Olives
Ancho Chili Powder
Salt & Pepper
Jalapenos (optional)
Preheat that oven to 350 and get out a large baking dish. I use the ole Pyrex 9x11.

Brown your ground beef and add in the cream cheese once browned to your liking. Use a spoon to get it well mixed. Then add in all of your spices. After complete give it a quick taste test. After that is done you want to start filling in your enchiladas.

I usually just grab my baking dish and assemble in there to only use 2 dishes. I lay out the tortilla and add in the filling we just made, some cheese, and some enchilada sauce. I add olives sometimes, lettuce, onion, tomato. Anything you want. Roll it up and scoot to the end. Keep doing this until you reach the end of your dish. Put the rest of your cheese and enchilada sauce on the top.

This makes a pretty quick dinner with tons of leftovers for tasty lunches. I use whole wheat but you can use regular. This is also an awesome end of the grocery run meal as you really only need the shells, cheese, sauce, and some filling. Black beans can work- it is very versatile!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Adorable Zara sweater and some nice Carters lined pants. Paired with some orange chucks for a bright fun look. Colors in my son's wardrobe makes me smile!
Tuesday- We played for a long time at the park. I loved layers for this. Gap sweater and Zara tee. Lovely Gap skinnies and some brown stride rite boots. 
Wednesday- Cargo pants and a nice Easter themed tee. Orange chucks to funk it up a bit.
Thursday- I am in love with this amazing Carters whale tee. It is so cute online but in person it is just amazing. Carters spring jacket and some Boden jeans. 
Friday- I am digging some suspenders. I got this pair of jeans from Zara and adore them! This red Gap shirt makes them complete. Remember Zara runs large. 

Happy Beginnings of Spring :)