Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Layered Fall Outfit

Layered Fall Outfit

I wanted to put together a Fall look perfect for upcoming apple picking excursions... I cannot wait. Fall is my most favorite season. I love the blazer from Gap. It is knit and very soft. I added a red tee because I love the red and gold together. The vest is from Gap but Zara has some great ones this season as well. Carters has some really adorable shoes- I know two pairs are going to come live with us soon. Any jeans will do :) 

Hope everyone is enjoying these last days of Summer. I am over the heat. My hair will probably never recover. Basically my hair belongs in an 80 rock video with acid washed jeans. (trend you won't see here by the way!)

Happy pre Fall outfit creating!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fall Shopping Tips

Back to school shopping can seem overwhelming. Don't let it become a chore! I have three simple tips to make this time of year rewarding and fun.

1) Figure out what you really need

I have a set number of jeans and pants I like for Sammy to have for each season. I know my own laundry habits and this keeps us stress free. I generally like to have seven pairs of pants and about ten shirts. I know going into each season that is generally what I need to purchase.

2) Back to School doesn't have to be one giant shopping trip. Personally I just cannot afford to buy ten shirts, seven pairs of pants, a jacket, a coat, and shoes on one trip and not be completely tapped out. I buy in stages and get things on sale as I go. When Sammy's 3T wardrobe was done- I started buying 4T. I try to get his jeans used from a consignment online boutique or on heavy markdown from Gap or Carters. Target clearance is a bi-weekly stop for me. When they start marking down a season I am over there checking it out.

Even if used isn't your favorite- some of the older size probably fit for a while. Just get a couple of new things and start working on the rest. Stick a long sleeved plain shirt under a shorter sleeved one when the weather gets cool. You know eventually you will have enough to get you there- just be creative and work within your budget. You don't have a deadline for back to school shopping.

3) Use online wish lists and shopping lists to your advantage. Or the shopping cart if you have to. Gap lets you save items for later once you've placed them in the shopping cart. Carters has a wish list. I will go through the site and put things I like on the wish list. I check back weekly/bi-weekly and see if the item has gone on sale or if I have a nice discount code. I am never going to spend full price but the wish list keeps me organized. I know what I'd like to get, but I know I can't get everything at once. This helps you with a budget in mind, and helps you make sure you really like the item. After seeing it a few weeks in a row- I know if I still like the item it will probably be a pretty good choice.

A few notes. I like to buy higher end kid items so that they hold up well so I can pass down or eventually resell. I know I could go to somewhere cheaper and get everything all at once, or a couple of trips. Buying Gap jeans or Boden jeans makes more sense to me. I can usually get those items discounted and they tend to be hand me down quality.

Full price for clothing is silly. Everywhere offers some sort of discount and you have to get in there and work your coupons. Make those dollars go farther.

Buy when things are on sale and when you can buy at a leisurely pace. Take notice when jeans are starting to get short. If you have a size up already in the closet waiting you aren't forced into taking the full price/lesser discount code price and you can decide what you would like to pay for essentials.

Hope this helps and happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Heavy Hitters

Summer Heavy Hitters

Sunray - Nike. These shoes were so great. I wanted to get a pair of Keen but honestly didn't want to spend $50. These were around $30 and I am very pleased with them. Sammy can pull them off and put them on himself. The sheer joy of being able to tell him to go put his shoes on and not have to do that myself is worth every penny. They are made out of a neoprene material so they are extremely durable. They look almost brand new and have been through the washer three times and survived countless hours of hiking and mud. Plus they double as a water shoe. 
Yosemite Carters shirt has been one of my favorites this Summer. It is really cute and an unexpected color for a little boy.
The Beatles Shirt from Zara is so cute. The white with green makes it really fresh for summer. I love it with some striped easy shorts. The fit is nice. I am not a big fan of loose clothing on a little one- they are small and having bigger clothes looks so sloppy. This is fitted and gives a clean look and still a really cool vibe. I have some camo Zara pants that also look great with this. I know I can take a jean jacket for the fall and this will transition nicely.
Honest Company Sunblock. If you remember to apply this about every hour to hour and a half - this stuff is amazing! I have used this and the Babyganics and not had a single issue. 
Lifefactory Glass Bottle. These are great. I think the glass helps keep the water a little cooler and I enjoy not worrying about what is in that old plastic bottle. We have a couple of these now and I am really thrilled with them. They are not delicate and a great size for a long hike. They are heavier than a standard water bottle though. 

Hope everyone's Summer was great. Mine ended up being much busier than I had expected. Mainly due to my Grandfather's illness and stress in general. Now that we are entering School time and Sammy goes back to his regular school routine things will hopefully be much calmer. And not having to remember to bring his swim gear will be such a relief. It's the small things I guess.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Attachment Parenting- Rocking my Toddler.

I have always considered myself an attachment parent and think overall that style/method of parenting has worked well for Sammy. I also consider myself a common sense type of parent and hope to not be raising the most spoiled kid on the planet. So I do find that is a tough line of grey area.

Often when something goes wrong, my husband is more apt to use a timeout. I am more apt to try to distract and comfort out of the situation. I consider my son not getting what he wants/ getting to continue to act up as the natural consequence and my husband considers the time out the actual consequence. Usually we make this work and have a good understanding. I try to be consistent and positive.

This morning Sammy was in full on I don't want to listen mode. Throwing laundry down the stairs, which at the time seemed pretty horrific. He also didn't want to get dressed and did not want to go to school today. Sammy is so similar to me sometimes. We both need a few minutes in the morning to sit in bed and let our brains catch up to our bodies. We need that down time and relaxed morning to ease into the day. Only a few minutes but they are critical. We were not making good time this morning.

After I corrected him for throwing said clothing down the stairs- he started crying. My stress levels were off of the charts. We're going to be late. Why am I so late... All of the negative crap I poison myself with. He sat on my lap for a second and said he needed a blanket. A few second more he hopped down, wrapped himself in his bamboo blanket and said.. "Mama rock me."

So for a  few minutes this morning that all stopped. I  got to rock my sweet little (or not so little) three year old boy. I know these moments are fleeting. There are only so many more times in his life I will get to be a comfort to him in that way. It was heaven. He smiled sweetly and I could see the little baby he once was all snuggled up. I know it will be one of the moments I look back on when he is an adult.

In that moment I was so glad I have done things the way I have. That I have chosen physical comfort in times of intense emotions so that he knows that there is a safe place to come to when things are overwhelming.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Top Threes... for my Three Year Old!

Top Threes... for my Three Year Old!

1) Bear Set Carters 2) Raglan Carterse 3) Sweatshirt Carters 4) Gap 5) Vest Gap 6) Jeans Gap
7) Pirate Shirt Boden 8) Red Pants Boden 8) Sweater Boden

Summer Break

First off, sorry for the lack of posts around here. I try to update 2-3 times a week with something worth reading. I just felt uninspired. I don't know if it is Summer boy's clothing or just too much of a hipster influence/classic influence that were at odds with each other in my mind but I wasn't up for awesome boys clothing. It honestly took everything in me to get Sammy to look cute for the Summer. With the temps being a bit cooler lately I think I am starting to get this back in the right direction.

Second- sick Grandpa. My grandfather is battling Pancreatic Cancer. Well losing to be more exact. If anyone had a chance, I really though it would be him but that is seemingly not the case. He is very thin and I am scared we won't see another Summer with him. I am pretty certain that is the case. I don't have much experience with death at 32. I feel so blessed for that, but I am just out of my depth and very sad.

Lastly- trying to juggle one million little details and take care of my family. Like everyone else. I am just not doing a great job of it lately. I took on some added responsibility in my extended family and honestly it is more overwhelming than I expected given my limited bandwidth. I am getting there though. I just need to have more time in the day and a clean house.

I do have a few posts planned for this week. What we are getting for Fall, good shoe choices, and online shopping tips for getting great pieces.

Happy Summer! Hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks and school starting!