Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

We don't get terribly dressy for Easter here. I will probably wear a cotton dress and the hubs will probably wear about what he'd wear to work. 
Sammy is going to wear his Zara jeans with suspenders. Basically because I love them and cannot find enough excuses to get his cute self into these pants. I bought a pair of suspenders that just go on any old pants but honestly these are easier because they don't clip on. They button on. 
I am on a kick to determine why my friend Robin loves Gymboree so much. Aside from the fact that her kids always look flawless in their clothing- I can never find anything for Sammy there. I probably need to tag along. The shirt is Gymboree and the sweater is Osh Kosh from Target. These boots are from Tea Collection. I really like them and find that they're nice for things that need a bit of style and waterproofing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Goals

Back in January my husband and I decided that we were going to focus on mini goals. We decided that we're always trying to accomplish the same big goals and that we may not have the skill set needed to get there. Enter the mini goals.

Limit Carb Intake to Net 25 grams per day
Work out 3x/week
Listen to each other more- no interrupting
Get outside and play when the weather cooperates
Go to bed at a decent time.

We've done so well at not drinking sugary drinks. I was able to cut out Dr Pepper! I am actually so proud of the fact that even though I've been sick with my third virus of 2015 that I haven't caved. It's been a while- maybe a month. That is pretty amazing for me.

We need to work on the working out.... Yikes. I practice yoga and have had a rough go of it lately because two weeks ago I got the plague. Or a nasty virus. We'll see if I make it a few more weeks. Ugh.

Hoping Spring can really help us elevate our energy levels. We're both feeling pretty good these days. Trying out best to keep the positivity and happiness in our lives. We've done good work at eliminating people and things that bring us down and I feel like we're stronger and a better team for that effort.

Do you have mini goals or a big 2015 goal you are working on?

Update... Dr Visit

I mentioned before that Sammy was being evaluated for asthma. I am happy to report that everything looks great and he isn't afflicted. Cue enormous sigh of relief!

I wanted to put this out there because I know it is really scary to do research on croup and find that usually three years old is the cut off. Sammy is four and we've had two incidents since his birthday.

The airway on a small child is vulnerable. Whenever he gets sick it seems to settle in his throat/airway and gives him croup/stridor breathing first. He can go to bed without a cough or runny nose and wake up with trouble breathing and that horrible croup sound. We were given a breathing treatment machine so I feel that we're ready in case it should happen again.

So if your child has this happen please know you're not alone. And big hugs. That feeling waking up to your child making that sound is horrible. (This is probably why I still use two monitors)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter Bunny is Bringing...

Easter Bunny is Bringing...

We had a bit of an Old West theme going apparently when I decided Sammy's Easter basket things. Like everything I like to buy ahead of time so I'm not breaking the bank all at once. 
We saw this Janod train set before Christmas and I really love it. I thought it would be cool to focus on a set so that Sammy can build up a world instead of just connecting trains together. 
The railroad jeans are from Gap and the shirt is from Old Navy. My mom was so nice and picked up Sammy's stuffed animal over at Blabla kids in Atlanta while she was in the area. Luckily she was parked illegally and only had minutes because that store can get expensive quick! We actually got the Georgia Cow because so much of my family lives in Georgia and I thought it would be a fun way to tie the two together. Especially since my family is coming up for Easter. We have big plans for the weekend here!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Glorious Friday

It's Friday! The best day of the week I think. Well Saturday is pretty stellar as well. I thought I would throw up some links to things that are on my mind.

Easter is coming so that means we're getting those baskets ready. My mother and grandmother are making the trek from Atlanta to our house so we can celebrate together. Mom is nice enough to pick up part of the present this doll. He is getting the bunny of course but I love the look of their dolls and Easter seems like a great excuse to add this to our collection.

I don't go crazy at Christmas at all but Easter is proving to be my downfall. I also got him the entire Janod Far West Set. That coupled with a shirt with a train and some "railroad" pants. He won't eat candy so I feel like Easter is a great time to get him a few basics. We also don't buy many toys outside of holidays and birthdays so I don't feel bad getting him this train set. We saw it displayed at a museum and loved the look of it.

I also got myself a pair of these. Years of Ballet make taller boots look funny (along with being short) so these are darling and I will so enjoy them in the rain.

We're making Toad in a hole this weekend inspired by this amazing book. You can surely find it at  your library- that's where we always get it. The story is cute and after we read it we make the "toad in a hole" which toast with a fried egg inside. Super yummy and such a fun treat.

By the by, Sammy helps us in the kitchen with the help of this helper stand. We painted it a bright cheery blue and it is amazing. If your spouse is handy- see if they can give it a try. Much less expensive than the learning tower branded ones and just as functional.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am stuck down again with a cold- and got about four hours of sleep so I am just hoping to make it until 3pm when we have a doctor's appointment for Sammy. He's had some breathing issues on and off associated with croup. Now that he's 4 they are looking at him for asthma so fingers crossed that he does not have that issue. But I think we don't and am looking forward to celebrating afterwards with a nice froyo!

Happy Friday Friends!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How We're NOT Freezing...

How We're NOT Freezing...

Two posts in one day?! Pretty amazing feeling over here! Haha really just wanted to share something while this item is still on sale and in stock over at Patagonia.
A word to the wise about the brand. You're paying for effectiveness. It's thick, amazing quality fleece that will make a difference. Their shipping costs are not amazing. Just be warned in that direction. Buying on sale and ahead of time is pretty key for expensive and technical winter gear. 

First the Patagonia fleece jacket. It's currently on sale. I have bought every one I thought I could get use of. So maybe three! I love them. The red one is adorable as well! The hood is pointy and really gives the whole outfit a little something. They are thin enough that I feel comfortable putting Sammy in the car with this jacket. It is warm enough that it does something to fight off the cold. 

So... We layer. I think this is not groundbreaking, but I think sharing common sense solutions with other parents is a nice thing. I start off with a nice flannel button down. I may put an undershirt or not depending on if he will be outside. If only inside today I will skip. I put a nice wool sweater over that. I like a button down for this because the shirt is next to his skin so he is protected from the wool everywhere. I don't want him itchy. I then add his lined jeans. These block the wind and are very warm. I may put on some babylegs up to his knees if he's going to be outside a bunch. Then a good pair of socks. 

For outer wear I love to add some heavy duty mittens and actual winter boots. I think they are easy enough to walk in that he can use them for a functional pair of shoes most days it is very cold. They are usually ok to get on and off, and they're warm. The pair pictured are from Gap, but Osh Kosh typically makes an amazing pair, and we have thick fleece socks from Hunter that pair with rainboots that also are extremely effective. 

I think the key to making it work for us is the layering and not being afraid to buy actual technical products instead of the popular kid brands and hoping they'll be good enough. Shop North Face, Sorel, and other brands that are more expensive and know you can size up a bit and get two years of wear. Or buy on sale. Having things that fight against the cold make that morning drive/bus stop wait so much less nail biting! 
Stick a blanket in the dryer and pull out right before you all climb in. Such a treat on really cold days! (It was -11 not including wind chill. I was debating bringing my heated throw!) 

We used to have a remote start on our car, but when we upgraded to our minivan I decided I would do without the remote start- for a couple of reasons. I felt like it only worked at home and never at work so it was aggravating. Secondly it wastes a good amount of gas (the way I used it for sure did), we poluted more, and I felt like it might not be great for the engine. My minivan takes a long time to warm up so we're missing it right now. As I am sure we can all tell because cold and being cold is pretty much my tune on repeat right now. I hope Spring comes soon for everyone's benefit!

Where are my pants?!

Where are my pants?!

First off- sorry for the polyvore image that has the shading and everything on hangers. Both of my favorite pant shops have these in their stock photos; so right now I am just dealing. I will work on this, but don't have time to edit their photos THAT much- and if I were to take pics of Sammy in everything or just of real life pants this would never happen.
Second sorry for the lazy blogging lately. I am freezing and most of my life involves making sure Sammy has enough layers that he survives the car ride to school. Praying that Spring finds us soon because -20 weather is pretty well taking a toll on all of us! I have just been hyper focused on really getting my home in order. Everything in its place kind of order and deep cleaning everything. (read: nesting without the actual pregnancy or pending labor)
I am getting Sammy around seven pairs of long pants in the next size. We really like to wear pants two days at my house as long as they are still pretty well clean and no stains. I try to save the environment and my sanity in small measures! That being said I like to have about a week and a half of stuff so I am not in an emergency laundry situation over at my house. I try to keep up but I am only one mama and honestly I get behind. Often.

Zara is kind of my go to (I typed to go before... I am a genius!) place to get pants with a little something extra. This year I am pretty obsessed with knee details. See the first Zara offering above! Gap is perfect for jeans because they tend to hold up really well for us. I love the fleece and flannel lined styles so I try to have a pair or two of those on hand. They are so great for those days where it is very cold, or apple picking in the fall. I find that they are much handier than I would have though. 
Sweats aren't something I have a lot of usually. Zara is my best bet because I can usually buy a size down and they work out. Sweats usually don't have an inner drawstring to make them adjustable. My kiddo is on the smaller side of things and really needs the length but not the width. I also usually find that jeans are a better option for the activities he is involved in.

I hope this rambling helps you start the internal conversation about what you're going to do for the next size up in wardrobe! As mamas we're constantly having to replace clothing and it is great to always be in the position of buying when you can rather than when you have to. I cannot imagine the expense of buying all of his pants in one fell swoop- it just makes so much more sense to me to buy on sale and get the brands I love at the prices that I can actually afford in my spending budget. Happy Shopping!