Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide- #4 Backpacks

Holiday Gift Guide- #4 Backpacks

1) Skip Hop. I love these little things. They are a great size for a little adventure or a couple of items sent to school. I think these a better for 5 and under where they don't have actual books that need to come home. 
2) Fjallraven Mini Kanken. These are very cute and hot right now! Sammy is getting one of these for Christmas. I love that the bag is really stuffable.
3) Land's End. These are kind of iconic I think. They have new cute prints and the quality is amazing. 
4) Land of Nod. These are new this year and very cute. I love the whimsical look. Kind of like the skip hop this is best for a younger child as a toddler/preschooler backpack.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide #3 Toys

Holiday Gift Guide #3 Toys

1) Playmags. These are something that Sammy's class at school use and they are obsessed. I confirmed with his teacher that it has been like this for months and the magnetic toys are a total hit. I found these on Amazon and there a few sizes of the sets. If you are a grandparent looking for an educational toy - get this.

2) Balancing Cactus. This is from Plan Toys and can be found on their website or Amazon. This is pretty and made of wood so it is a great unique toy. This really stimulates their creative brains!

3) Melissa and Doug Airplane Set. I love these sets, they hold up really well and make stunning gifts. We're not super fond of plastic things at our house so these are cool and colorful enough for even the most imaginative kiddo.

4) Plan Toys Fire Engine. I like this one because it is simple. And there are not a million small plastic pieces that are going to get totally broken off.

5) Hape Happy Family Car. I got this from Amazon. This is one of Sammy's Christmas presents (don't tell him!) I think this is freaking adorable! Just so cute and I like that he can pretend with it being a family car. Just seems so sweet. Sammy has an affinity for a barbie car so I wanted to get him something all of his own. My husband is evolved but the giant bubble gum pink barbie Beetle is not his favorite thing ever...

These are just a few of the items I really like that I've seen in the natural eco friendly kiddo section. I probably am not the greatest authority on toys since we don't watch TV and I have not seen a commercial in years. But if you're looking for a toy that is natural, sustainable, and really cool consider these. There is nothing at all wrong with plastic toys - we just try to avoid them because they are not always make to be hand me downs. I try to find things that are well made and look great.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide- #2 Accessories

Holiday Gift Guide- #2 Accessories

Welcome to part two of my little holiday series. This series is basically aimed at gift giving for fun little boys and their moms! These are all items that I intend on buying for Sammy or items that are similar to gift we've gotten and loved.
1. These slippers are so freaking adorable! They are from Hanna Andersson who has some great stuff out this year. Usually I skip that place right on by but they are really amazing this season. 
2. These gloves are great. They would photograph amazingly for holiday photos and add a little something to your cold winter mornings. From Hanna Andersson as well/ 
3. This hat is simple but packs an amazing punch. The design could not be more fun. Old Navy! 
4. Flannel PJs make a great gift. These are a favorite with moms because you can usually get quite a bit of wear out of these and in transition months put a tee on with the pants and that look is pretty darned cute as well! These are from Gap. Carters has some great ones out (deer antlers) and Gap has several great pairs. Pottery Barn has them but they aren't my style but cute none-the-less!
Happy Holiday Shopping!

Friday, October 24, 2014

We're One!!! Plus a Giveaway!

Happy One Year to Pinwheels and Trains! I am so excited to be here at this moment!! I could go on and on but let's cut to the chase! A giveaway! This is an adorable Fox hat I found at Target! Please enter for a chance to win!

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Holiday Gift Guide- #1 Tees

Holiday Gift Guide- #1 Tees
Row #1- Tea Collection. These are great for gifts. The brand is luxurious and really holds up well. Moms love this brand! The colors are so saturated and look great in pictures and with so many outfits.
Row #2 Gap. They have a bunch of great new shirts in. They are a fabulous place to look. I really love the two here and will probably pick them up! These shirts are just cool. Totally a nice casual addition to any wardrobe and like Gap is know for lately- give it that special edge!
Row #3- Hanna Andersson. She is totally on her game this season and I could blow $1K in there easily. Second is Boden. They have a few good things in there this season. This one is really cool and would look nice in photos!

Announcing Holiday Gift Guide Series!

Hello! With the holidays fast approaching I decided to start a little holiday gift giving guide. (To the naysayers that this is before Halloween even... I know a LOT of us need to have Christmas gifts done and dusted before everything gets crazy!) Stay tuned for several gift guides for the little dudes in your life. I will start out with different types of clothing that I've found here and there that I think would make great gifts!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posting. I try to be more regular but things have been a little chaotic in my life. I have posted here that my Grandfather was sick from Pancreatic Cancer and that I was scared he didn't have long left.

Sadly he died last Saturday. It was a really nice day out with my family. Saturday is our family day as my husband's work schedule is limiting. We went to Target and Best Buy. We were heading for some lunch at Firehouse subs when my mom called. I kinda knew. He died at noon. Very peacefully which is a relief.  He was on some anxiety and pain medicine and I know that really helped everyone. Suffering is horrible to watch and cancer is pretty horrible.

All in all I feel pretty robbed by cancer if I am telling you the truth. He was so fit. Still so active until about a  year and a half ago. He could mend anything- put together anything and repair everything. He was probably one the smartest people I ever will know. I had never considered my children not knowing my Grandfather or him seeing them grow up. I have an eleven year old cousin that he won't see graduate middle school and another not yet done with high school. I know we all loved each other the best we possibly could. I believe that he's in Heaven so there is a lot of peace in that.

We traveled to Atlanta to see my mom and grandmother. It was surreal to be in their home without him there any longer. My parents moved around so often that my grandparents home really represents my childhood home most of all- more memories and good times there. It was hard but I feel like we're all processing and moving forward as these things go. Sammy has been so much help. I just wanted to get this out there- two relatives passing away within a month of each other has been draining and I feel like I've been running a marathon. My to do list will one day get shorter and this season will pass. I am really ready for this one to pass.