Thursday, July 9, 2015


The last few months I haven't felt terribly inspired. My son is now 4.5 and I still love buying him adorable outfits and he is still such a joy. (That will never change!) But since he is now school aged the daily fun outfits are mostly at an end. He needs to wear things for school that he can get dirty. (It kills me)

I have often said that boy fashion is just as fun and exciting as girl fashion and I wholeheartedly believe that. I often look at girl clothing and am just drawn back to the boy section. I know that this rut is because Summer is hard to dress a child because of the play clothes factor and that he's just getting a bit older.

Until he started actual school I had never purchased anything for play or specifically that he can get dirty. It just wasn't needed. Now I have a set of almost identical shorts that he wears to school. We do have some rockin cut outs and some amazing swim wear (see below post) so those are making my heart happy while I wait for Fall to roll back in so I can get some plaid and sweaters on my boy and sit back and enjoy.

I hope everyone's summer is just fantastic. We have rain - basically perma rain and I am ready for some steady sunshine.

Happy Summer!

Swim Roundup 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Boy Meets Playground

Little Boy Meets Playground

Target... I am side-eyeing you right now.

Usually I can enjoy shopping at Target in the small kiddo section often. They usually have several things I want and it is a joy to pick something adorable out for Sammy.

Not lately. It has been so boring and lame in there - my money is quite safe. The husband is probably wondering where this sudden boon of income has come from. I am sure I will find something to spend my hard earned pennies on but- Genuine Kids and Target come on!

Friends have told me it is the same for the girl's section as well. I found the same to be true a couple of years ago. Some times target is just hit or miss. I probably am over annoyed at them but I am just going to let myself be mad.

That along with Sammy coming home from school looking like a box car kid daily- there has been a shocking lack of inspiration lately. I know that will pick up soon. I did get some adorable sandals and he looked pretty darn cute this morning. So ebb and flow I guess.

Happy Wednesday! We have a three day week this week. Friday the hubs and I are spending the day in Cincinnati where Jungle Jim is located. We clearly need cheese! That and Sammy is going to make the change from toddler bed to twin bed. He's not keen yet. I am hoping a bed setup in his room will be appealing. I am excitedly trying to decide on bedding so that has been something I am enjoying. More to come on that!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Montessori Update

We just had our first conference and were so pleased with the results and feedback given.

Seriously if you are on the fence about a Montessori education for your child- I can't tell you how much it's enhanced my son's life. Apparently he is also extremely social and has many friends which pretty much is the best feedback I've been given.

We just don't have the same problems we did before. The peace and understanding there are amazing. The kids are so much more like Sammy and our family. Before we had problems with punching and random violence that children should not be exposed to. We have not had that issue in the slightest at Montessori.

Sammy is surrounded by true diversity. There are children from all kinds of backgrounds and I am so proud that he gets to learn in an environment that respects culture so richly. The teachers are supportive of anything going on at home and he is just so at home there.

I was never nervous about this change but I can tell you it was the best change I've made for Sammy. We are thrilled and I want to encourage everyone to listen to your heart about education and doing what you think is best for your child.

Happy Tuesday.

(yesterday i managed to completely break the computer at work and a tech had to fix it... so anything above that is pretty much winning!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I bought some Nikes

Sunday was a pretty great day, weather aside.

Sammy and I went to the mall to check out Gap and Nordstrom. Sammy had outgrown his shoes and needed a school-friendly pair. Kind of backstory; my dad picks Sammy up from school and usually kids are in their sock covered feet at school- no shoes because they work on the floor as is pretty common in Montessori.

My dad is a disabled veteran and has a knee injury. Getting small shoes on and laced is a job. Frankly it's a job I try to help avoid because he's already doing SO MUCH! He has been lifting Sammy onto the very tall cubbies to tie shoes on the 2-3 days we've sent non velcro or slip on shoes. So it's been on my mind that Sammy needs school shoes that work for him to put on himself.

So that is the backstory. I probably could have told you dear reader that we needed velcro shoes but I feel confident that everyone loves a little glimpse into our madness.

Buying the Nikes was easy enough- I really would have preferred some cute moccs that were oddly situation in the girl's section. Hmmph. Unisex thank you! My sister did not agree and I got major side eye. (along with some adorable cut offs from Gap that I just decided I am going to go back and get!) I let her know that there was only one person present in Nordy's shoes with a fashion blog thankyouverymuch. But she is lovely and the best Aunt in the world so I can't exactly say she was wrong or be mad- just didn't have the internal vision of amazingness that would be if I had both said moccs and cut offs on Sammy in an adorable spring ensemble!

I have felt for the last few weeks that I'm stretched thin. I am the sort that can't operate in a mess. And my house can sure feel messy to me in a hurry. It's large so I am not sure why that is - but I have some accomplished messers in my midst. They're cute so they at least have that grace. Since we have some company staying with us for Easter and family coming for dinner I've been focusing on getting my house back in top shape.

The blog has suffered because I need things to be orderly and pretty before I can be creative. I need Easter to pass, my house to be clean, and to be on the other side of March before my head is in a good place. I am toying with the idea of trying to sell our house to get something that is just easier for me to keep clean. Or a maid. That would be lovely!
PS I would show the Nikes but they are plain and frankly I need a little more beauty and less plain going on so maybe after I start feeling more like myself.