Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Heavy Hitters

Summer Heavy Hitters

Sunray - Nike. These shoes were so great. I wanted to get a pair of Keen but honestly didn't want to spend $50. These were around $30 and I am very pleased with them. Sammy can pull them off and put them on himself. The sheer joy of being able to tell him to go put his shoes on and not have to do that myself is worth every penny. They are made out of a neoprene material so they are extremely durable. They look almost brand new and have been through the washer three times and survived countless hours of hiking and mud. Plus they double as a water shoe. 
Yosemite Carters shirt has been one of my favorites this Summer. It is really cute and an unexpected color for a little boy.
The Beatles Shirt from Zara is so cute. The white with green makes it really fresh for summer. I love it with some striped easy shorts. The fit is nice. I am not a big fan of loose clothing on a little one- they are small and having bigger clothes looks so sloppy. This is fitted and gives a clean look and still a really cool vibe. I have some camo Zara pants that also look great with this. I know I can take a jean jacket for the fall and this will transition nicely.
Honest Company Sunblock. If you remember to apply this about every hour to hour and a half - this stuff is amazing! I have used this and the Babyganics and not had a single issue. 
Lifefactory Glass Bottle. These are great. I think the glass helps keep the water a little cooler and I enjoy not worrying about what is in that old plastic bottle. We have a couple of these now and I am really thrilled with them. They are not delicate and a great size for a long hike. They are heavier than a standard water bottle though. 

Hope everyone's Summer was great. Mine ended up being much busier than I had expected. Mainly due to my Grandfather's illness and stress in general. Now that we are entering School time and Sammy goes back to his regular school routine things will hopefully be much calmer. And not having to remember to bring his swim gear will be such a relief. It's the small things I guess.

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