Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fall... Please Visit Soon!

Randomly I visited Target's kiddo section. I haven't been a regular because I am not finding great sales and honestly I can have it shipped to my house for less from better brands. They do, however, have a lovely Where the Wild Things Are  collection that is pretty much something that will jump right into your buggy! Pottery Barn has a wonderful costume series from the book as well. I highly recommend it.
Summer shorts are also currently 30% off at Target for around $5. I like to go 50% so I am waiting it out. I purchased about four pairs from there last year on clearance for $2.70 and it made a big difference. We need a LOT of shorts given that Sammy comes home looking like he's a regular on the dirty jobs show. But if you don't want to risk it head on over!

I ended up being able to get most of Sammy's Fall/Winter 5T wardrobe second hand on the Gap Boys Resale page on facebook. Most of the things are timeless so I will start doing the weekly outfit posts once it is not so hot out. That will be coming so this space won't be so barren. I do have more inspiration lately so that has been a great feeling.

Boden is back in action a bit. We did buy a few things from there. They take paypal which is amazing. I view it as Mommy Currency and I love that I can really count on paypal to keep me safe. Hanna Anderssen is still not my thing but sometimes they have a one off piece that we get. I still find shopping online is the key to saving money.

Carters is having a $10 off $30 sale through today so if you are in need of smaller kiddo clothing- hit that up! We are semi done with Carters for Sammy because the styling isn't really edgy enough to suit our tastes. Also we prefer somewhere with a loyalty program so we can earn back money and points towards free clothing. Also Carters changed their savings polices a bit after Sammy turned two and made it more expensive. Gap on the other hand for us is always the cheapest option. They just sent me another $10 off today. Woot woot!!

I am gearing up for Apple picking and pumpkin everything. I love Fall. I know it's "basic" of me. But the crisp air and the lack of sweating is really my thing. Sammy and I take a morning walk these days before we jet off to school/work and I would love it to be really cool out.

So Happy Back to School! Sorry no back to school posts yet. I feel like August pretty much happened and we are still trying to catch our breath!

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