Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday! Finally. Tips for Sizing Up!

Happy Fall!!

I wanted to share a few tips that keep us sane when changing seasons and cycling through the stored up wardrobe.

Sammy is going through a growth spurt and we're breaking out more and more of the next size and putting away the 4T. I usually don't put away a size run at once. I find that everything is sized just enough differently to make some things work a few more months than others. Carters is really bad about this! I thought I would share our process for working new things into the cycle and for putting things away.

The process of marking an item for retirement is as follows for us. I usually notice an item is on the last wearing as we get dressed in the morning. All dirty clothes are folded in the dirty clothes hamper and they go into the washer/dryer once a week. When I take everything out for cleaning things that are being put away get a special once over for loose threads, stains, rips, or anything else that might need attention. If the problem cannot be solved usually the item is thrown away. (We don't donate things we would not wear ourselves).

Storing clothes that we're saving is a pretty easy process after we've had a few years practice. I use space bags for clothing. I just fold the clothes like usual and when I am putting away clothes in closets- outgrown clothes go into the space saver bag. When I am done with a size run I mark the bag and seal it up.

I store the clothes that are too big in the closet on the far rack. I coordinate by item type- pants go with pants and so on. I try to store by length. Pants go from shortest to longest so I don't miss anything. If I need a new pair of pants I can guess that the ones that are smallest are the better bet. Same with shirts. I wash before storing so everything is ready to wear. Eventually it is all mixed in because we need a shirt to wear and I just put three away. That is our general process.

As a mom I notice I have a process for everything. Everything. I just have to have them in place to keep myself together and everything accounted for- and not just in my mind. I rely on systems because I can't rely on myself to remember everything. Find your systems! Don't be afraid to over complicate something you think is simple if the end result is a smooth way to accomplish your needs.

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