Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Wrap Up

Halloween! It is my favorite holiday usually. I love dressing up and handing out candy. Aside from giving things to kiddos- Halloween is a stress free holiday because really no one expects anything from you. This feels like a huge break right before Christmas and Thanksgiving where my obligation list gets very long.

I woke up in a horrible mood which really isn't like me. We did some housework and I made breakfast. Sammy had a roll up which are about 100% of his daily calories most days. Thank goodness I buy the healthy stuff so it is better for him.

This Halloween we visited the neighborhood party and Sammy got to bounce in the bouncehouse for a while. That was adorable. It is awesome to see how confident he's getting with climbing up those giant play structures. We then visited the fire dept for a similar event where there was more bouncing. I figured that was a decent plan before naptime!

We got ready for Trick or Treaters and Sammy got up and handed out candy. It was cute to see him race towards the door from the dinner table to give to other children. After some delicious mac & cheese Sammy and I headed out to hit the mean streets and get some candy. It was such a nice night and Sammy did a great job running to the houses and figuring out based on the porch lights who actually was handing out candy. Tim manned our house then we switched. All in all it was a great time - we were thrilled to have it be just our own family and focus on Sammy for this holiday.

I do have to mention that there is a big trend away from Trick or Treating in my area. A lot of moms with smaller kiddos take them to the church trunk or treats or park hikes - which those are really cool. But it is sad to see the tradition of people handing out candy waning. There were many fewer homes with porch lights on this year. Maybe 10 on our street total and it used to be almost everyone. One house a few doors down even accidentally left their porch light on and that was pretty confusing for the small kiddos just learning how this goes.

I've really tried to be community minded this year- and it was a little sad to see so many people not handing out candy. Hopefully as Sammy gets bigger this trend reverses itself because it is such a fun right of passage to ring those doorbells and get your big bag of candy. (We swapped out the candy for some legos because Sammy is the only kiddo I know that actually doesn't care for candy.)

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