Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mom Hacks!

Being an adult is a tough gig. I thought it would be fun to list five of my favorite tips. If you have any interesting tips leave them in the comments so we can share and make our lives easier!

1) Google Calendar. Sign up and have your spouse sign up. Every appointment you make send your spouse an invite. Have them do the same. Voila a free synced up calendar that shows you everything planned. Get fancy with it with dinners or directions for the kids. They have really expensive shared calendars but this is free and pretty user friendly. You can even assign everyone a color.(I'm yellow!)

2) Emergency Cash in the glovebox. Keep enough cash for a full tank of gas and dinner for your family in the glovebox.That way if you find yourself without your debit card or in a town that isn't credit friendly you are able to get where you need to go and feed yourself. Sometimes this is cash for the $10 you need to pitch in towards a present.

3) Have a rescue bag in your trunk.I probably will shoot a video on this one at some point to show what I keep in mine but here are the basics. Bottles of water, Non-perishable snacks, extra formula in case of emergency, diaper, wipes of all kinds, hair ties, changes of clothing, and some cash. My reasoning for having this in the car is that in case I run out of what I need there is something I can use in the trunk.

This came in really handy this week. I noticed he was wet and his outfit was also wet (that sweetie can pee). I get into the family room to change him and no diapers. No diapers. I panicked. We were able to get to the car and rescue bag and all was well. Someone changed the baby last and didn't refill the diapers.

4) Keep your diaper bag packed and ready to go. As a mom of two I think getting out of the house requires more planning and organization. I keep my diaper bag stocked and ready to go at all times now. I pack using a modular packing system where I have a small bag for each category of item. This way I can make sure I have what I need to leave the house. I usually run down the basics like this- diapers and wipes, milk and bottle, change of outfit, Sammy water, phone, keys, wallet, and charger. I can get out of the house quickly and be confident that I have what I need in case I will be out for the day.

5) External battery charger. This thing is life. I am horrible about charging my phone but this thing keeps me in power. Get one or two. My husband got me two because I always have a dead phone. With two children and one really young I feel better about being out of the  house with another charger.

I hope this helps give you some ideas. Clearly most of my tips involve being prepared and doing what you can to mitigate the times you are out of the house and basically at the mercy of the elements around you. I feel like I am most powerful when I am able to have what I need for any given situation and oddly the most flexible.

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  1. Good tips! We do all of these too! (Except the charger which I definitely need to do!) I always seem to over prepare for outings but with multiple kiddos I feel like it's better to do that than be without something we really need. In our rescue bag, I've also added a few small towels, some plastic bags, an extra wet bag, and an extra outfit (or at least shirt) for me. Never thought I'd need it but milk leaks seem to happen when I least expect it! Haha. And the towels came in handy when we got caught in a rain shower at the zoo last summer!