Monday, November 17, 2014


Today my little one turned four. I have always wanted to be a mother, and pictured my family in my head a million times before I was married. I always wondered if the reality would be as magical as my imaginings. Would I have a boy and a girl? Would they be kind and sweet or spunky and wild? Or all of that? My greatest wish was for a sweet and affectionate child. Just someone who was good and saw the wonder in the world. My wish was granted the moment Samuel came into this world.

He came into this world talking. He has always been making noise and checking things out. Looking for the root of things- finding out what makes things work and enjoying every second of learning and interacting. He also is deeply kind. The other night I asked him what he was most thankful for after a long day of fun and his birthday party- he simply said..."You". He told me his wish to Santa was to have Grandpa come back from Heaven. And I know that isn't what he truly wants but what he wants for me. I feel like we've done something right to have such a deeply empathetic human on our hands. He is such a sweet and happy child.

He also knows his own mind. He isn't afraid to tell you what he's thinking or ask for what he really wants. He can share and take turns - and is so amazing to watch while he is playing with other children. I love that he is always gentle. If another child is crying he will try to help. He always does his best in every situation. 

Sammy loves his family so much. He always wants to facetime his Aunt Ashwee. He wants to go see Papa and Grandma. The dogs are like his siblings and he tirelessly advocates for their extra food and extra time outside. He knows what makes them happy and if he can get it for them- that is his mission.

In a few weeks we send Sammy off to his first academic experience. He will attend a Montessori school hopefully until it is time for middle school. We are so excited to see how he blossoms in his new environment. He is thrilled to pack his lunch.

Samuel Tiberius. You are such a wonderful addition to our lives and such a blessing from God. We could not have imagined a more special and loved son. It is our mission as parents to see you have whatever you need from us to do your life's work- whatever you decide that it should be. We could not be more proud of the person you are and that you are becoming. I'll eat you up I love you so!

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