Monday, November 17, 2014

Walking Around...

Walking Around...
Here are the choices we've made this year for Winter boots. First are the Gap Duck Boots. I am in love with these (maybe because I have a similar pair and we can be twinsies!) I love the durability and the classic look. I know these will hold their value well and I can spice them up with some red laces. They also are very warm and perfect for building a snowman. These are our choice for actual play outside.
If we just need to run an errand or hop towards school- the Hunter boots are our pick. Sammy has these in yellow and they are amazing. Worth every penny. I recently purchased the cobalt blue mustache liner for the boots so they transition into Winter well. He can put these on himself, they towel dry if you need them to go on top of a cubby- and a generally no muss no fuss. Excellent for anything where we might be trekking through the snow for under fifteen minutes. 
Last year we got the bogs and while I love them... They're $50. I got the Gap boots for $22 ($44 with 50% off coupon) and the Hunter Boots were $35 on sale. I just can't justify paying more money for something that has a bit of a younger look to it. They were warm and lovely just expensive. 
Happy First Snow!

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