Friday, December 19, 2014

Days of Christmas 7

Days of Christmas 7

This shirt is from Walmart of all places. I love it! H&M cargo pants are so cute. I of course use basically any excuse to use Sammy's Hunter boots because I adore them. If only I had this much fun dressing myself!
A word on that actually. So I am going to focus on not buying so much for Sammy in the coming months clothing wise. I am mainly a pajama addict but I do need to focus on buying myself more clothing. It is sad but I honestly would rather buy him cute things. So... After Christmas we're focusing on creating looks from what we already have. A capsule wardrobe for preschoolers... How novel. Just kidding. That idea is so silly to me but I am going to be using existing pieces and trying to create several looks from each piece. Sammy is also starting a new adventure where he may need to wear clothes that he can really get dirty. Be looking forward to this new project!

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