Thursday, December 18, 2014

The School Drop Off Blues

Drop offs this week have been soul crushing. Usually my kiddo is racing out of the car to see friends. This week however something has changed and he is extremely sad that we are not staying home.

I'm not sure what is going on. I noticed a little boy in the class was aggressive with Sammy about stickers last week and I am thinking maybe some of these kids are getting a little more in his face as they age. Sammy is not a kid that wants other children to be right in his face and pulling on him. He needs his space. A hug from a nice friend is good- anything more is really pushing it.

So that has been so stressful. Hearing him call out for Mama while I am leaving is pretty hard. I would say that is my least favorite thing about preschool in general. He only has another three weeks at this school. (More on this later!)

Our plan is just to listen and let him feel whatever it is that he is feeling. I don't think there are any quick fixes and I think there is some merit to Sammy fixing his own problems even at 4. If this is a social problem- getting in there and solving it will do nothing to strengthen his ability to make friends and interact well in groups. He is extremely social and has had several friends for a couple of years now so I am confident this will work itself out. And by the time it does we can say goodbye to his current school and integrate ourselves into a new place.

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