Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bebe... It's Cold Outside

Bebe... It's Cold Outside
Here are the pieces we've decided on for Fall. Full disclosure... I had some Gap rewards and some 40% off coupons that made this possible. I don't have a clothing budget that allows for full price for these items. (I paid like $25 for each coat and less for the vest)
First off is the Zara cardigan. It was pretty much love at first sight. I love it and know I can resell it someday so the $56 pricepoint wasn't my favorite but I know it will be high quality and since I was able to save other places. It's not the end of the world. But still- $30 would have been so much easier to swallow. 
Going to the right, the bomber brown coat from Gap is very nice. The color brown is great so I know I can get some wonderful snapshots outside picking apples and playing with leaves. The quilting really speaks to me.  
The mustard color warmest vest from Gap is well made and feels great. The details are well thought out and I feel like Gap does an amazing job of little boy's clothing. The color is perfect and goes well with a large range of colors so I don't have to worry about that while pairing with jeans.
Finally, the green dream coat. (OK, that is my name for it, but I love this thing!) Gap wins again. I got this because I had a 40% discount, got the cardmember rewards and had some gapcash. I usually get a coat for Sammy every February because they go on sale and I am able to get a great deal. This year however we had the Polar Vortex and deals were not so plentiful. And getting to the mall in the snow wasn't on the list of priorities. I got a great deal on this coat. 
This past I made the decision to get a synthetic fill coat instead of the down filled option we usually purchase. Mainly because I have a hard time washing the down coat and with Sammy being at school and playing outside during recess- it just has to be something that can easily be washed. I also like having two actual winter coats. It is a personal thing- some people would never feel the need but I like having two so one can be in the wash and one in use. I've just found that can be a concern with Sammy getting his clothing dirty. We have a long cold season ahead with reports that this could be a very harsh winter. I just don't want to put myself in a situation where I am stressed to complete the laundry and machine dry something I prefer to line dry. 
Lastly- keep checking for those sales. Carters has an amazing sale this weekend. 60% off and an additional 25% friends and family. They have some nice coats this year. North Face and Target also have some really standout coats. Don't be afraid to look around- but I recommend getting your choices made and get those coats home. I would just hate for the choices to be limited for a stylish little dude, and for a mom to feel like she didn't get exactly what she wanted! 

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