Monday, September 29, 2014



These early Fall days are harder to get your kiddos ready! Mostly because there can be a large temperature swing. Mornings here are pretty chilly. Afternoons are warm enough for shorts. Getting Sammy dressed for school in the morning knowing he will be outside later in the day can be tricky. Here's how we tackled this issue today. 
We went with a short sleeved shirt and his Zara suspender jeans. He can run and play in this and it won't be too hot if it hits the upper 70s. The zip off jacket from Gap he can take off himself. It is pretty warm but the knit is loose and breathable. I love his chucks because they don't have any lining that traps in heat so it works out pretty well for both extremes of that day. 

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  1. Always a challenge this time of year...great roundup!