Monday, September 8, 2014

Outfits for Later!

Outfits for Later!

I really am excited about Fall and the possibilities a little colder weather brings. Sammy fell and  hurt his forehead about two weeks ago - so we've been hanging out more indoors to give ourselves a little sanity check. Mostly me- Mamas are the ones to feel the pain longer I think with the anxiety something may happen again.
I LOVE this H&M shirt. They have a wonderful line out right now. Very worth a check. Our mornings have been so cool so we need something a little more substantial than a tee and shorts. 
The second outfit is some great layered pieces. The destroyed jeans give it a little pop and the shirt is just fun. I like the color of the jacket. I know I say it a ton but knowing Sammy's coloring is really key. Olive looks great on his shade of red- green looks like Christmas.
Gap skinnies are still my jam! I think they hold up nicely and fit for awhile. This Carters pullover is really cute- the elbow patches give it an unexpected edge. Camo is really on trend this season. It's always on trend at my house with so many hunters and Veterans. 
Hope everyone is easing out of Summer well! Happy shopping!

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