Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide- #4 Backpacks

Holiday Gift Guide- #4 Backpacks

1) Skip Hop. I love these little things. They are a great size for a little adventure or a couple of items sent to school. I think these a better for 5 and under where they don't have actual books that need to come home. 
2) Fjallraven Mini Kanken. These are very cute and hot right now! Sammy is getting one of these for Christmas. I love that the bag is really stuffable.
3) Land's End. These are kind of iconic I think. They have new cute prints and the quality is amazing. 
4) Land of Nod. These are new this year and very cute. I love the whimsical look. Kind of like the skip hop this is best for a younger child as a toddler/preschooler backpack.

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