Wednesday, October 1, 2014



First quad is from Gap. Set from Carters. Peanut tee: Target. Boots & yellow shirt: Tea.

Truthfully. I did find a lot of great stuff that was interesting. There isn't a bunch at Target I just have to have right now. They usually kill me in the Genuine Kids label but there isn't anything I really would buy without a 50% markdown. 
Tea has just what I put here. Maybe a Patagonia jacket but I can't really justify the price when I have more than enough. 
Carters sets interestingly enough will probably be my next splurge/major buy. They have a bunch that I am interested in. And they only go to a 4T so this will be my last size run for Sammy in these. Kind of sad, but again time prepares us for changes because we've really moved on a lot of the things we bought there. When he was small almost everything came from there. 
We've been really loving skinny jeans for this time of year. Sammy is pretty solidly into a 4T in those. Funny how items meant to fit close to him we're truer to size. If it's baggy we can fit into smaller sizes because he's just a skinny kiddo. 
My process is usually to identify the things I think should be purchased. Then I wait. I won't pay more than 50% MSRP. And no where near that on the Old Navy and Carters stuff. Tea I will pay more because I can resell that on one of the Tea BST resell pages on Facebook. Gap too for the most part. So far I have been hanging onto all clothes for an eventual second child- but I know at some point I will be doing a massive online destash and hopefully sending some of these great pieces onto new homes. 

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