Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tripp Trapp....

Tripp Trapp....

Our highchair journey was pretty intense. We started out having a counter height table and our options were very limited. We ended up first with the Fisher Price Space Saver highchair. It was fine. More than fine. The issue ended up being that my son pushed himself off of the table and landed onto the ground. Anyone that knows Sammy knows that he can be accident prone. We didn't need the stress of another injury.

Even before we purchased the space saver - I just could not find a highchair I really loved. I thought the Stokke would be too expensive and I wasn't sure if the features were really for me. I thought it was cute but not sure it was the best choice. And of course at first we were very limited in what would extend to a tall table. 

To solve this problem I started researching. I moved us over to the smaller table that was normal height. At this point Sammy was nearly two and we really needed something that we could justify purchasing. The highchair we did have did nothing to prevent him pushing back. Relying on a toddler to not hurt himself isn't a go-to plan. After much research we landed on the Tripp Trapp by Stokke. It is a classic and can last Sammy until he's an adult. The features of this high chair directly addressed our two main concerns- will this purchase be worth the money long term? And- will this chair prevent him from tipping back and hurting himself?

First off the chair is rated to 300 lbs. It configures itself in a few ways so that we will be able to use this for a long time.The chair isn't distracting. It blends in with our furniture and Sammy is so proud to be sitting right up at the table. The footrest is very adjustable and we move it around as he grows. It was $150 and worth every penny. It still looks brand new.

There are special feet that prevent tipping. You can see them on the image on the right on the bottom of the chair at the end. Any force that pushes the chair backwards forces the chair to just slide backwards rather than tipping with these little feet placed correctly. I did a little research and all reviews I found with issues, the owner had not correctly installed this attachment.(There were a few ominous YouTube videos where the kid pushes against the table and the dad pushes the child back with his foot... no attachment).

At nearly 4 Sammy cannot undo the buckle himself. He still prefers to be buckled in the chair. He claims it is so he won't chase the cat. Preschoolers are basically hilarious. Most of the time he can buckle himself but sometimes needs assistance.

We plan to get a second one of these after we have another child (whenever that way may be) and have a pair of these chairs. They make baby kits so you can use it earlier than we did. The classic design and function of this high chair remind me why I love Stokke. I just wish their cribs were less expensive.

We did purchase the chair from for about $150. We have the natural signature edition and love it. We also purchased a cushion for the chair and have been absolutely pleased with it. Wipes down very easily, stays in place, and is holding up extremely well. It looks brand new.

A couple of little tips from me to you. First, after you are done using the chair- slip the buckles over the sides of the chair so you can easily use them again. They do have a tendency to get tucked in and under your kiddo. Secondly- the bottom buckle is long and will get tucked under your child's bum. Just make sure it is hanging down before they sit down completely.

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