Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posting. I try to be more regular but things have been a little chaotic in my life. I have posted here that my Grandfather was sick from Pancreatic Cancer and that I was scared he didn't have long left.

Sadly he died last Saturday. It was a really nice day out with my family. Saturday is our family day as my husband's work schedule is limiting. We went to Target and Best Buy. We were heading for some lunch at Firehouse subs when my mom called. I kinda knew. He died at noon. Very peacefully which is a relief.  He was on some anxiety and pain medicine and I know that really helped everyone. Suffering is horrible to watch and cancer is pretty horrible.

All in all I feel pretty robbed by cancer if I am telling you the truth. He was so fit. Still so active until about a  year and a half ago. He could mend anything- put together anything and repair everything. He was probably one the smartest people I ever will know. I had never considered my children not knowing my Grandfather or him seeing them grow up. I have an eleven year old cousin that he won't see graduate middle school and another not yet done with high school. I know we all loved each other the best we possibly could. I believe that he's in Heaven so there is a lot of peace in that.

We traveled to Atlanta to see my mom and grandmother. It was surreal to be in their home without him there any longer. My parents moved around so often that my grandparents home really represents my childhood home most of all- more memories and good times there. It was hard but I feel like we're all processing and moving forward as these things go. Sammy has been so much help. I just wanted to get this out there- two relatives passing away within a month of each other has been draining and I feel like I've been running a marathon. My to do list will one day get shorter and this season will pass. I am really ready for this one to pass.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my grandfather to cancer just a few years ago and it was really terrible. I hate that he didn't get to meet Zac or to see how the other kids are growing up. :(