Thursday, June 26, 2014

After School Hangouts

This week has been fairly low key. Until last night. We had a wonderful birthday party starting after I got home from work. I do try to plan a few things after work so that Sammy and I are active when we might otherwise be sitting on the couch. We have plans tonight for Karate! This week is much busier now than when it started.

It does take a lot of extra planning to get us places when we have really limited free time. I have to head home during lunch to get the dogs let out and get them some dinner. I try to take my lunch very late in the day- like 3pm- so I can make this work.

I put the adventure pack in my car so we're not in the pool with zero sunscreen! I also have housework and laundry and meal prep that sometimes just gets let go. I try to make dinner every night and get something packed up for lunches the next day. I failed on both of those fronts last night. Sometimes things just don't matter as much as having a great time with my boy. At least last night they didn't.

Being a working mom- sometimes I don't always have the choice of spend time with Sammy or get things done around the house. I have to multitask. We get home pretty much at 6pm. I have to get dinner started and on the table pretty quickly. Lunches, clothes, necessities for the next day all have to be prepared and usually some sort of laundry needs to be done. I would love to get home and spend the two hours before Sammy goes to bed just hanging out with him - but it doesn't happen as often as I would like for it to. That is another reason I really make an effort to get us out of the house at least one night per work week. I wish it could be more but right now I am really getting by and doing all I can do balance everything.

My living room is a gigantic toy disaster and I have not found the time to clean it- or have Sammy help me clean it. Everywhere else is pretty much ok with the exception of my room which has folded clothes in laundry baskets, stuff on the floor, and a desperate need of the vacuum. One day.

Hoping I find the time and motivation to get the house perfectly clean and keep it that way- but the more days my living room looks like a growing train station... well let's just say I am starting to think a clean house is a myth that Martha Stewart is shilling for pageviews.

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