Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fall Roundup

Fall Roundup

Gap has some great stuff for fall. Think about layering so that less overall clothing is needed. Add a long sleeved shirt under a summer tee to give that tee more usage. This heathered cardigan is amazing. The jacket is perfect for Fall as well. The blue track pants are a great bright blue and just perfect for cold days inside. 

H&M continues to impress. This denim shirt is a find. I think paired with a pair of green chinos from last season that were a generous size- it will be a nice mix of style. The jeans are really reasonably priced at $10. I love their suspenders. I do have the Zara pair from Spring. I will use those next year since their sizing is large. 

Carters doesn't have much yet. We do have some staple pieces from there I will probably keep purchasing like their denim when it goes on sale. They usually don't have great sweaters which is something I will need to pick up as we transition to Winter.

The key to having great style on a budget is making pieces work for you. Grab those statement pieces and make them work within your child's current wardrobe. Think outside of the box- Can this be layered to make it seasonally appropriate? Is it constructed in a way that makes it fit longer and look stylish? Can these be rolled up and paired with tall sneakers for another look when they get shorter? 

Genuine Kids will probably be key as the seasons change. I always like to plan ahead for seasonal changes in clothing as I usually have a hard time finding the perfect thing and I don't want to spend more than $20-$30 at one time. 

Lastly, don't be afraid to join a resale group to sell of clothing that has been outgrown. You can get good prices for clothes and often trade for a bigger size. Thinking creatively about fashion and saving money is key to saving and looking great.

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