Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Outfit Ideas

Week of Clothing!

I have decided to go with fewer looks to give me more space and flexibility to create unique looks. 
The first outfit is meant to be fun for a little guy. Often I get too worked up about my son's clothing and forget that he wants to wear something fun. So a little Buzz and Woody does the trick here. I like this Old Navy version because it isn't over the top or too much. It is simple and sweet. 

I am really into a denim vest. I am sure 10 years ago Andrea is in the corner rolling her eyes but I love them! I paired this with a pair of red cutoffs and the sunray Nike sandals. I like that this gives the look an extra layer. A little tip here is that often the denim vest is in the girls' section. 

Lastly H&M suspenders with a Carters tee. I love this Carters shirt. Inside air condition can be really cold so I do like to sometimes get Sammy in a little more clothing. I don't want him to overheat but it is really cold inside. 

Summer really is going great. We are swimming and enjoying ourselves so much. I wish it could be summer year round sometimes. Then I remember my love for Fall and take it back. But Summer until Fall until Summer would be an acceptable solution.

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