Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- H&M shorts, Gap Tee.
Tuesday- H&M shorts, Gap Tee.. (yikes! I need an intervention with those stores!)
Wednesday- Gap jeans and Carters shirts. They have some really cute whimsical shirts for Summer)
Thursday- Gap through and through. They have a really nice summer collection.
Friday- Cutoffs and a Carters tee. We really are loving those Nike Sunrays!

As Sammy gets older I am really depending less on Carters and more on Gap and Zara. H&M lately has been catching my eye. Zara's items don't export well and most things are shown on hangers which doesn't help us here. They do have some great pieces.

While I adore Carters and think they are the best all-around kids' clothing company - their items run a bit perpendicular to our style. Sometimes we can add a piece or two to give his overall look some cute pieces with a heavy bit of whimsy and playfulness- but often they are too "cutsey" for our purposes. I do really like their basics. Carter's sales beat out everyone else in my opinion. So I am really hoping that turns around and I can continue to get great things there. I do see myself keeping up with them and making good use of their sales for those basic items we need every year.

Happy Beginning of Summer

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