Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Update... Dr Visit

I mentioned before that Sammy was being evaluated for asthma. I am happy to report that everything looks great and he isn't afflicted. Cue enormous sigh of relief!

I wanted to put this out there because I know it is really scary to do research on croup and find that usually three years old is the cut off. Sammy is four and we've had two incidents since his birthday.

The airway on a small child is vulnerable. Whenever he gets sick it seems to settle in his throat/airway and gives him croup/stridor breathing first. He can go to bed without a cough or runny nose and wake up with trouble breathing and that horrible croup sound. We were given a breathing treatment machine so I feel that we're ready in case it should happen again.

So if your child has this happen please know you're not alone. And big hugs. That feeling waking up to your child making that sound is horrible. (This is probably why I still use two monitors)

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