Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

Easter (More. Can you tell I'm obsessed?)

We don't get terribly dressy for Easter here. I will probably wear a cotton dress and the hubs will probably wear about what he'd wear to work. 
Sammy is going to wear his Zara jeans with suspenders. Basically because I love them and cannot find enough excuses to get his cute self into these pants. I bought a pair of suspenders that just go on any old pants but honestly these are easier because they don't clip on. They button on. 
I am on a kick to determine why my friend Robin loves Gymboree so much. Aside from the fact that her kids always look flawless in their clothing- I can never find anything for Sammy there. I probably need to tag along. The shirt is Gymboree and the sweater is Osh Kosh from Target. These boots are from Tea Collection. I really like them and find that they're nice for things that need a bit of style and waterproofing!

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