Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Goals

Back in January my husband and I decided that we were going to focus on mini goals. We decided that we're always trying to accomplish the same big goals and that we may not have the skill set needed to get there. Enter the mini goals.

Limit Carb Intake to Net 25 grams per day
Work out 3x/week
Listen to each other more- no interrupting
Get outside and play when the weather cooperates
Go to bed at a decent time.

We've done so well at not drinking sugary drinks. I was able to cut out Dr Pepper! I am actually so proud of the fact that even though I've been sick with my third virus of 2015 that I haven't caved. It's been a while- maybe a month. That is pretty amazing for me.

We need to work on the working out.... Yikes. I practice yoga and have had a rough go of it lately because two weeks ago I got the plague. Or a nasty virus. We'll see if I make it a few more weeks. Ugh.

Hoping Spring can really help us elevate our energy levels. We're both feeling pretty good these days. Trying out best to keep the positivity and happiness in our lives. We've done good work at eliminating people and things that bring us down and I feel like we're stronger and a better team for that effort.

Do you have mini goals or a big 2015 goal you are working on?

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