Thursday, May 29, 2014

Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack

I love these little backpacks from Skip Hop. They are pretty small so I can't pack a ton of things we don't need while out. Summer is coming up and today I thought I would share the things we need on a daily basis for our adventures. Aren't you glad I didn't call them our essentials. 
First off is bug spray. We do a ton of hiking and the ticks are out of control. I really like the California Baby version because it has been very effective so far. I also use the Honest Company's sunblock. It isn't really thick and goopy and I can rub it in easily. Now you can purchase at Buybuybaby so that is really much easier than ordering. 
I like to have sunglasses on hand because sometimes the glare from ponds can be blinding. Sammy is really sensitive to sunlight. I also try to bring a hat along for the same reason. Sammy is very fair skinned and I try to be smart about the sunlight. The toddler area at the pool is also not shaded in the slightest and any bit of coverage I can get from things like hats I take gratefully. 
I try to always have a water bottle for the two of us along. I try to avoid plastics because of the BPA so this glass one from Lifefactory is one of our favorites. The little munchkin bags are to help us not litter and for any kind of dirty clothes we encounter. I keep them in the little jujube quick. I pack a full change of clothes down to socks. That I sometimes leave in the car outside of the pack but try to always have that change of clothes. 
This pack works for us for the pool, hiking, the park, or anything that comes up for us to. We take our adventures very seriously around here. 

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