Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crazy Hair

Sammy's hair is gorgeous. A lovely shade of reddish/auburn. People have always stopped me to comment about it since he was very small. I wonder if we were to have another child would it be easier if they had brown hair like me to blend in. Germs and all of that were kind of an issue with a November baby.

I hate his hair super short. Getting it cut has always been a source of drama to me - so we're growing it out in hopes that it will be easier a little longer. Right now we're in that state of crazy hair. He absolutely hates having the water bottle and brush combo but we're just there now. He woke up and one side was pancaked against his head in the wrong direction and the other side was straight in the air. I would post a picture but if he were to run for office one day or be a celebrity I think he would hate me forever.

So for now we combat crazy hair with the water bottle and hair genie combo. It could be worse. This is a first world problem indeed. I am recovering from a stomach virus and just to have the desire to do his hair was a major win today. As Sammy says "back to normal"!

Happy Wednesday.

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