Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How We're NOT Freezing...

How We're NOT Freezing...

Two posts in one day?! Pretty amazing feeling over here! Haha really just wanted to share something while this item is still on sale and in stock over at Patagonia.
A word to the wise about the brand. You're paying for effectiveness. It's thick, amazing quality fleece that will make a difference. Their shipping costs are not amazing. Just be warned in that direction. Buying on sale and ahead of time is pretty key for expensive and technical winter gear. 

First the Patagonia fleece jacket. It's currently on sale. I have bought every one I thought I could get use of. So maybe three! I love them. The red one is adorable as well! The hood is pointy and really gives the whole outfit a little something. They are thin enough that I feel comfortable putting Sammy in the car with this jacket. It is warm enough that it does something to fight off the cold. 

So... We layer. I think this is not groundbreaking, but I think sharing common sense solutions with other parents is a nice thing. I start off with a nice flannel button down. I may put an undershirt or not depending on if he will be outside. If only inside today I will skip. I put a nice wool sweater over that. I like a button down for this because the shirt is next to his skin so he is protected from the wool everywhere. I don't want him itchy. I then add his lined jeans. These block the wind and are very warm. I may put on some babylegs up to his knees if he's going to be outside a bunch. Then a good pair of socks. 

For outer wear I love to add some heavy duty mittens and actual winter boots. I think they are easy enough to walk in that he can use them for a functional pair of shoes most days it is very cold. They are usually ok to get on and off, and they're warm. The pair pictured are from Gap, but Osh Kosh typically makes an amazing pair, and we have thick fleece socks from Hunter that pair with rainboots that also are extremely effective. 

I think the key to making it work for us is the layering and not being afraid to buy actual technical products instead of the popular kid brands and hoping they'll be good enough. Shop North Face, Sorel, and other brands that are more expensive and know you can size up a bit and get two years of wear. Or buy on sale. Having things that fight against the cold make that morning drive/bus stop wait so much less nail biting! 
Stick a blanket in the dryer and pull out right before you all climb in. Such a treat on really cold days! (It was -11 not including wind chill. I was debating bringing my heated throw!) 

We used to have a remote start on our car, but when we upgraded to our minivan I decided I would do without the remote start- for a couple of reasons. I felt like it only worked at home and never at work so it was aggravating. Secondly it wastes a good amount of gas (the way I used it for sure did), we poluted more, and I felt like it might not be great for the engine. My minivan takes a long time to warm up so we're missing it right now. As I am sure we can all tell because cold and being cold is pretty much my tune on repeat right now. I hope Spring comes soon for everyone's benefit!

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