Friday, February 27, 2015

Glorious Friday

It's Friday! The best day of the week I think. Well Saturday is pretty stellar as well. I thought I would throw up some links to things that are on my mind.

Easter is coming so that means we're getting those baskets ready. My mother and grandmother are making the trek from Atlanta to our house so we can celebrate together. Mom is nice enough to pick up part of the present this doll. He is getting the bunny of course but I love the look of their dolls and Easter seems like a great excuse to add this to our collection.

I don't go crazy at Christmas at all but Easter is proving to be my downfall. I also got him the entire Janod Far West Set. That coupled with a shirt with a train and some "railroad" pants. He won't eat candy so I feel like Easter is a great time to get him a few basics. We also don't buy many toys outside of holidays and birthdays so I don't feel bad getting him this train set. We saw it displayed at a museum and loved the look of it.

I also got myself a pair of these. Years of Ballet make taller boots look funny (along with being short) so these are darling and I will so enjoy them in the rain.

We're making Toad in a hole this weekend inspired by this amazing book. You can surely find it at  your library- that's where we always get it. The story is cute and after we read it we make the "toad in a hole" which toast with a fried egg inside. Super yummy and such a fun treat.

By the by, Sammy helps us in the kitchen with the help of this helper stand. We painted it a bright cheery blue and it is amazing. If your spouse is handy- see if they can give it a try. Much less expensive than the learning tower branded ones and just as functional.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am stuck down again with a cold- and got about four hours of sleep so I am just hoping to make it until 3pm when we have a doctor's appointment for Sammy. He's had some breathing issues on and off associated with croup. Now that he's 4 they are looking at him for asthma so fingers crossed that he does not have that issue. But I think we don't and am looking forward to celebrating afterwards with a nice froyo!

Happy Friday Friends!

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