Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sizing Up! Sweaters

Sizing Up! Sweaters
I thought it would be a bit helpful to share what I am focusing on for the next size up (5T). This is our last year in toddler sizes. Sammy isn't a big kid so we've been able to remain pretty true to size until now. He's still able to wear some 3T because I like for his clothes to be tighter than some other moms care for them to be. That is all just a preference thing. 
First off - Hanna Andersson striped shirt. I will wait for this to go on sale or find a dupe somewhere. It's nice because it really looks great with some colored pants and ties them in nicely. Secondly is this Genuine Kids sweater from Target. I love it and got a 5T when I got the current one. It's really nice and I get a lot of compliments. Plus the colors in the sleeves are full to coordinate with some colored denim. 
Next is a sweater from Gap. I love the camo and the new way it is done is really cool. The Tiger sweater and navy blue are all from Gap. I love get things there when I can find a deal. Which is often. Sorry about that Gap card bill honey!!!
The green striped pullover is from Genuine kids as well. I love their sweaters. This one is great with so many  things and it is that perfect green for a redhead. Lastly is my love- the Patagonia Fleece. This fleece is no joke. He can wear this safely in the car in the Winter months and it is adorable. Plus he thinks he looks like Gnomeo and Juliet. Win for Mama!!! Hope this helps as you begin to start shopping those sales so you are not forced to pay full price for cold weather items next year. Happy shopping!!

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