Friday, January 2, 2015

Current Obsession

Current Obsession

Right now these sets are getting a LOT of love over at our house. I am just in awe of the things that can be created and built! My mom got Sammy the playmags set after I noticed Sammy and his classmates were into them at school. They got them in some sort of contest and the blocks were a hot ticket item ever since. The Tegu blocks are a bit pricer but wooden which we prefer. They also have some nice sets that make good gifts. The playmags set is a bit more affordable and I believe they have some off brand sets as well. I'd personally get the cheapest set because it isn't like playmags are super well made or worth so much more than the others. You probably can combine sets but I don't know that for 100%. 
If you are looking for something that is quiet and can keep kids entertained for a while- this is your best bet!

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