Friday, January 23, 2015

Praise the Lord it is Friday.

This week I feel a bit defeated. I wasn't running particularly on time this week at all. There were too many sugary dr peppers in my life... And I for sure yelled at my husband when I was hangry. Well more spoke harshly to. But I am betting he's not making that distinction.

Really glad to have a few days off and I feel pretty happy I haven't scheduled the bejeezus out of them. I am still doing a few more activities than I would prefer. (sit on the couch with heated throw and netflix anyone!?!)

This sort of brings me to our new goal planning. We decided to stop making the same old resolutions and plans that we've been making forever. We decided that the reason those things failed was that we were thinking about the ending and not about the journey to get there. And that we didn't yet have the skills needed to make it to our goal and needed to break each goal into mini goals so we could build the skillset needed and also stay focused more easily.

January Goals:
Drink only one sugary drink per day.
Always treat each other with respect and patience. Issue polite requests.
Work out 3 times per week.
Find Reasons to eat meals at home instead of out to dinner.

That is our plan. I am not really ready yet to give up my Dr. Pepper. I know it is bad for me. The sugar I do not need to consume but if I could give it up cold turkey I would. I am going to work on this goal for now and then reduce the amount I let myself have. We overall try to do low carb so I know there will be more goals that pertain to that.

So here's to Friday. A day that promises all the best things of the weekend! May it last forever, give way into a lengthy Saturday and Sunday, and return again with some serious haste so we may enjoy another weekend soon!

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