Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Seasonally Appropriate Sales

January has always been my reset month. I am a big fan of resolutions and trying to be the best me for the New Year. Part of that is starting to plan everything out that we'll need and ways to make our dollars stretch farther.

Enter in post Christmas Sales. There are a few things I really like to get now.

* Next size Winter coat. I try to take advantage of sales to get a great coat for Sammy. I have always found really steep discounts and I am able to get a much nicer coat for less. Some places I really like to check... Department stores- if you have a Von Maur this place is amazing for this. Gap, Old Navy, Carters, Target... Ect.

* Winter Boots in next size. Keep your eyes peeled for a good winter boot in the next size(s). I have a few pairs of Hunter boots in storage for Sammy and got them a rock bottom prices. Boys' clothing is so much less trend dependant.

* Winter mittens/hat/scarves. See a theme?!

* Hilariously enough short. Tea Collection and Zara both have amazing sales right now on basics. I try to get those items for very low prices because we end up needing a bunch of shorts and tees in the Summer when it seems like we change clothes every hour.

I mentioned it above but check out Tea Collection's 40% off sale. Register your email and let them send you their million emails. You know first of great deals and get coupon codes that translate into some pretty serious savings. I love to do this at higher end clothing stores where there isn't a sale every day. Tea Collection is a great example. Their clothing is so well made but really pricey. They don't have sales all of the time and sometimes coupon codes are hard to come by- take advantage!

A side note, I really recommend using Google for your email provider for this reason of promotional emails. There are three tabs- one for actual email, one for promotional emails, and a third for all social media stuff. It really helps me be able to just delete out any emails that are sales and brand advertisements. If I'm not in the market for anything I can just delete and not give them a second thought.

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