Friday, January 9, 2015

Tough Drop Off... Tough Friday.

This morning we were just off. Sammy woke up at 5am and could not get back to sleep. I sort of need him to sleep a little longer so I can be a little more functional in the morning. We're just not morning people.

Really we're both so happy to be awake and there is a lot of snuggling, but we are not productive. Like at all. This has to change! We're going to work on this.

Sammy got to school and it was tears. We are only a few days into the new school thing and it has been ok until today. School was cancelled yesterday and the loss of the new routine was pretty horrible. His new teacher was not in the room because it was music day and the other teacher was sick. And the teacher who was sick is very loving and supportive- just enough to rock the boat enough. He was hysterical. Screaming. Crying. Desperate that I wouldn't leave. I did what all moms have to do in that moment. Leave. It's the most heartwrenching thing in the entire world to walk away when your little one is screaming for you to come get them. But I know that by not leaving I am prolonging this entire episode and hurting him worse.

I called about 20 minutes later and he was fine. No red face, no tears. Circle time with new friends. I'm more shaken than he is. It takes less for him to have everything come crashing down but it takes me hours to rebuild after. I just don't recover at the same speed.

We're planning on having a mini game night with just our own little family. Sammy got his own game that we'll play. Fudge is on the docket. A lovely family moved in next door and we're hoping to bring them a little something to welcome them this weekend. Plus minivan shopping. Hopefully the weekend moves slowly. Like about the same speed Monday and Tuesday seem to pass. :)

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