Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nursery Update

The nursery is chaos.

The nursery has been under renovation since I was pregnant with Sammy. I think everyone has accepted that this room is pretty much never going to be "done". It is my love note to my family. I have dreamed of this little perfect space for my kids to dream since I was married to the hubs.

The roof leaking just kind of brought things full circle. Everything is in the center of the room right now. Sammy is camped out in another room for what seems like an eternity. After today the ceiling will be repaired, the furniture put right, and my projects will begin again.

First project to be completed is to recover the loveseat. We are about 1/4 of the way done. It needs another slip cover for the cushion made, and the structure needs to be reinforced. I will sew some pillows in fabric I have been squirreling away.

Secondly is to recover the ottoman. I just need some fabric and nailheads. Ok I probably already have the fabric. But you never want to settle on your magnum opus.

I need a new mirror for above his dresser which I found at Target. I need to complete his gallery wall above his reading chair, and then sew another banner for above the sofa.

Once I complete these tasks, the nursery will be at it's new finished stage. I will renovate it again I am sure. That's pretty much the nature of a child's room. At some point after it is complete I will compile my list of nursery tips. I have a long list at this point I guess. Right now I am still forming those thoughts but I know it feels amazing to be this close to our first little finish line.

Below is just a tiny sneak preview.


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