Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Resale... Name Brand Used Clothing

If you are into a certain brand of kids' clothing - check out if they have a facebook resale group. Or start your own.

For example, I belong to a couple of Facebook Resale Groups. They are for Zara, Gap, Boden, and H&M. I get great deals on gently used clothing for Sammy. I just got a brand new pair of jeans for $10 from Gap which is a pretty great deal.

It is often a great way to find a larger size of an item your child is growing out of. You can also sell your gently used or brand new clothes there! You just need the ability to ship out and a paypal account. I always say paypal is mommy currency.

Instagram is also popping up with a ton of resale shops. You might just peruse the hashtag #resale for ideas.

Hope this helps! Gently used clothing is a great way to stretch those clothing dollars while still getting the things you love.

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