Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zara Roundup

Zara Roundup

Honestly I am getting to the point where I cannot fathom spending more money on Sammy's wardrobe for Spring/Summer. I really haven't spent too much - just a bit here and there at Carters. I still need shorts and a pair of shoes or two and I am totally set. That being said... These are basically must haves from Zara.
First off is the sweatshirt. I love it. The amazing zipper and detailing are just amazing. 
The Car shirt is so sweet. The little buttons are the perfect coupling of good design and little sweet details. 
Next is the Beatles shirt. We love them so the shirt needs to find itself in  Sammy's closet. Lastly is the little sweet city scape NYC taxi. The price is right and it will photograph very well. 
Zara does run large so if you are ordering be mindful of that. One of the reasons I love them so greatly is their customer service and their attention to detail. The package always comes like a present and is neatly folded. Their shipping is no joke. Once even coming on a Saturday. I just feel like they value me as a customer when I buy from them. Their clothing is extremely well made and of a quality like that of a good brand adults clothing. 
Happy Hunting!

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