Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Monday- Adorable Zara sweater and some nice Carters lined pants. Paired with some orange chucks for a bright fun look. Colors in my son's wardrobe makes me smile!
Tuesday- We played for a long time at the park. I loved layers for this. Gap sweater and Zara tee. Lovely Gap skinnies and some brown stride rite boots. 
Wednesday- Cargo pants and a nice Easter themed tee. Orange chucks to funk it up a bit.
Thursday- I am in love with this amazing Carters whale tee. It is so cute online but in person it is just amazing. Carters spring jacket and some Boden jeans. 
Friday- I am digging some suspenders. I got this pair of jeans from Zara and adore them! This red Gap shirt makes them complete. Remember Zara runs large. 

Happy Beginnings of Spring :)

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