Monday, April 7, 2014

Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces

Zara Suspenders... These are adorable on and sizing is generous. They give the wardrobe a big shot of style. Getting a pair of pants that are special is good for photos and you can mix and match.
Orange Chucks. Not a lot of money and really set every outfit you pair with them on fire. A pair of colorful shoes is a great trick to maximizing each outfit. They give a burst of interesting color and make even a totally plain outfit really cool. 
OshKosh anorak. The color is so perfect and it really gives the Spring jacket something extra. Something you can use at the park that you enjoy like this is a great tip for feeling wonderful about the clothes you are putting your kiddo into.
Tea Collection is always great for that little something extra. This pattered shirt photographs well and is pretty neutral. Get a shirt that no one else would ever have.
Tea Collection elephant shirt is something memorable. The chevron sleeves are really cool. Having a basic shirt in the wardrobe that really looks different and interesting is a fun way to make pictures pop and set your kids apart.
Gap sweater can be put with a lot of different color pants, it is warm and just plain looks great. Gap sweaters hold the test of time. I feel that their sweaters are perfect for those dressy events you need to attend and look nice but not overly dressed. They have amazing sales and clearance on their sweaters. 

Getting a few items that really set off the wardrobe is a great way to maximize your dollars. For all of these items- I could pair them with basic items and still have Sammy look really cool. 

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