Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review Hunter Boots

I got Sammy a pair of the first boots from Hunter. They retail for $50 and come in a bunch of pretty cute colors. He's had them a few weeks so I wanted to report my thoughts regarding them.

First, I think $50 is expensive for children's shoes. But I do feel that is in line with many other retailers similar products. The Hunter brand is historic and their wellies are extremely well known for quality products. I felt that this was worth the money spent.

I did order a size larger than Sammy wears. I felt like if I could get a few seasons or even two years out of these boots, then I would be more willing to spend the money. The fit is really great, he does have a lot of room to grow, but they way that they are made- he can easily walk. He's three and still learning to be very steady on his feet. There have been no stumbling issues.

They have held up very nicely- toddlers can be tough on shoes. I do feel like the yellow highlights every kind of gunk he gets on the boots. I took him to a "touch the truck" event and the boots did get a bit of tar on them. (I removed most of that with an eraser)

The boots are very cute, hold up well, and will last him for a while to come. I went ahead and got him a second pair two sizes larger than his current pair for the future. Hunter is having a final sale with free shipping so his second pair cost me $35 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I also wanted to get him some of the Hunter cleaner/buffer for the boots. Every blogger I have read recommends the Hunter brand cleaner for the rubber products because of the high quality rubber's tendency to bloom - or look like you threw some flour on your boots.

All in all- I am really happy that I finally got Sammy a pair. (And a second pair - but I know that I don't have a problem when at least a didn't get him a second pair for this current size!) I highly recommend them even though the price point is a little much. I got a gender neutral color so that I could pass them down to make my dollars stretch a bit further.

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