Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Week of Clothing Wednesday!

Shoes are really saving us from boredom these days. We're nearing the Summer and a LOT of his outfits are repeats and it has been hard to get really excited about showing what he's been wearing. The boots really were that shot of freshness we needed. They are freaking adorable. (We bought a size up to make them last longer.)

Monday- Some darling Gap jeans and a nice Tea pullover. I really love the pattern on this one. It looks great with the boots or with some moccasins. 

Tuesday- Plaid pants to help us out of our rut. British tee from Boden! I put his orange chucks with this one!

Wednesday- Zara tee that I am in love with and some Cherokee jeans. Some Hunter boots really set off the top! 

Thursday- Our Gap skinnies are skill on the verge of needing a mending job. This Gap tee is really adorable and looks super cute with the mocs. I love the jeans rolled a bit! Can't get enough of a little hipster vibe. 

Friday- Low key! Some sweat pants. We all need more dress down days! This little tea shirt gives it a bit of personality. A little style tip here. If you want your childs clothes to look really cool but they are dress down and very casual- keep the fit on the pieces close to the body.  The difference in darling and sloppy is in the sizing. Find a brand that fits close to the body (children's place sweatpants!) and you will feel better about those days.