Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tips on Transitioning from Winter to Spring

The days are getting consitently warmer. There are fewer days now where you need to bring that jacket. Here are some of the things we've been doing to go from Winter to Spring in a fashionable and fun way.

First off let me say I totally blew my spending budget lately on fun things (like a zoo membership) so our clothing budget is not really where it should be for a haul. We desperately need shorts. We are probably ok on shirts but I need to have more than less because it is hard for me to get everything cycled through the laundry quickly.

1) Get a few pairs of shorts that are neutral and go with everything. I went to Kohls (I never shop there really) and picked up three pairs of their Jumping Bean brand shorts. They are ok. Nothing fancy. Each pair was $7. I also got two pairs from Carters and they were a little less - I was working my coupons. With the things I bought before we needed to size up I have enough to last a week. We're still newly potty trained so I have to have two extra pairs at school each day.

2) Socks. Get some ankle socks. Target is the best place for toddlers I have found. If your little one is too small get some high chucks or fold the taller ones down. It is a stage that every mom faces- the dorky sock because ankle socks only come in larger sizes phase. Sandals take care of this to some extent.

3) Don't be afraid to go for it! Create some interesting looks using long sleeved shirts and shorts. I put Sammy in a button up from Genuine kids with some of those Jumping Bean shorts and it turned out really cute. (OOTD from yesterday). Today I paired a nice Gap long sleeved striped shirt with another plain pair of shorts. Long sleeves can be rolled up and it won't get above 70 today here.

4) Statement Piece! Get something you absolutely adore for this season. For me- I am getting a wonderful pair of shorts with suspenders from Zara. I am going to let everything else be basic and fun and use that to do any dress up occasions that crop in our lives. I have a three year old- dressing up isn't my thing these days.

5) Try on shorts and shirts from last summer. Boys clothing can sometimes work again the next summer depending on the waistline of the shorts. I typically put things that were looser the summer before in a drawer when fall comes around and then in the next Spring try them on again. If they don't fit I can just add them back to the previous size run's space saver bag. If they do fit, I have just saved on a new pair of shorts. 

6) Space Saver Bags. These are my little BFFs for clothes storage. I prop one inside of Sammy's closet and as he outgrows things, I fold and place into the bag. When complete I get the vacuum in there and seal and throw with the rest. This way I have the clothes organized for the next go round and it doesn't take up a ton of room.

7) Say No to Jorts. (jean shorts) Well... Say only if they are interesting and really adorable! I personally style wise thing you are better off to cut short a couple of pants that didn't make it in the knees. If the detailing is great and there is some good interest- maybe pick up one pair of dark ones and wash them carefully.

8) Soft clothes that breathe are your friend for this time. Anything pretty stifling you just won't reach for as often. If the clothes must be more structured- make them a statement piece and get your money out of it.
9) Put sunblock and bug spray into your bag. We are constantly outside once the weather is nice- and it gets hard to remember to pack those every time. Just put into your everyday bag so you never need to give it a second thought when you want to go head outdoors.

10) Have fun! Get outdoors. Find a nature center and go on a hike! Take your toddler on a bike ride around the block. Go to the park or zoo. Just get outside and lead your life in an active and healthy way! The bonus is that you will have amazing pictures!

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