Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week of Clothing!

Week of Clothing!

Monday- Still digging this whale shirt from Carters. The thing that makes this little guy special is the shorter sleeves and vintage fit. Really amazing on! Just basic dark jeans. I threw on some striped socks and some orange chucks.
Tuesday- Loving this Zara tee. The fit is rather vintage. And adorable. If you follow us on instagram, you will find it paired with the amazing arrorw leggings from Zara as well. Super amazing with our yellow Gap skinnies. Hole is forming in knee. I will be doing a post on mending that soon!
Wednesday- Gap jeans with some flare. This Zara tee is so amazing. Really cute stamped whale pattern with a striped pocket. Loving this! I am really too obsessed with Zara clothes for Sammy right now. They just have the look that we're going for at the moment. I love that it fits in seamlessly within his eclectic wardrobe.
Thursday- Zara suspenders and a nice Gap tee. Orange chucks. Sammy has a good friend that is so in love with Dinos. She is pretty adorable so I now try to get Sammy more interested in all things Dino. Maybe only because when that kiddo is a Paleontologist- I know her Mama is going awesome places and hello! I am thinking I need to go too! Well that and I just think that Dinos are really interesting!
Friday- Still wearing this Valentine's day number. I am not spending money on a holiday shirt I can't keep using. That and the girls do fawn a certain amount at school over him. Since I dress him up often I really like to get a couple of days in there that are really casual. AKA no suspenders! (Even thought I would put them on every day if I could, they are so freaking adorable!)

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