Monday, December 9, 2013

Bogs... Are they worth $50 for your toddler.

In a word... Yes!

I wanted to get these boots a good testing before I started recommending them. I really feel like so many people tell you they love something and have used it about a week. That is not a tried and true review.

Here we have icy & snow this week. When looking around for boots I really wanted something that could pull double duty. I needed a boot that would work in the wet and rain and also for snow. Since we're discussing a toddler here, it needs to be made so that he can actually run and play in these boots.

I found Bogs. They are very cute and durable. Made of something that looks mostly like a thick wetsuit with some sherpa like lining inside but not too long looking. The bottom is unique- kind of like a pool toy almost. But functions very well.

A nice bonus is that Sammy can get these on and off by himself. They have nice handles and a wide opening for him to use. They are very warm and don't come up super high so he can run and play easily. They protect against rain and snow very well so we don't need a pair of rainboots and a separate pair of snow boots.

The price isn't awful. I feel that $50 is semi reasonable when considering that you can wear them from Fall to the next spring- just size a bit larger and wear bigger socks. We bought a full size up and this turned out just fine. I will add a picture in when I get them edited :)

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