Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day!

 Usually every year I am way behind on Valentine's Day jammies and a shirt for Sammy. I like to get him holiday clothing while he is little and will still wear it. I was just telling my husband I needed to get on that. Today I did some online shopping to see where I should focus. Honestly I did not see a ton out yet that I really love. Gap had about four pairs of jammies that are simply amazing. I will probably splurge on those.

The Gap jammies and Osh Kosh shirt are so far what I am thinking I will get for him. My other option might be to get something off of Etsy. I guess time will tell!
 1. Heart Breaker Shirt from Carters! Really cute and reasonably priced.
2. Romeo Shirt from Sizing can by funny on this brand. I usually size down.
3. Jammies from Gap. These are very cute. Buy when they have a deal and size up. These run small. I really like them and will probably get these.

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