Thursday, December 5, 2013

My House is Messy.

Sad but true. My house is just not where I need it to be to feel comfortable. I love order and clean. My house is for sure not those things.

I'd love to be one of those moms that always has breakfast ready for her child and wakes them up with plenty of time in the mornings- but I am really struggling being clothed before my son even wakes up. I know I need to suck it up and deep clean the house this weekend and get up on time. I know the solution but getting there seems to be a gigantic hurdle for me.

My kitchen is probably one of the top three offenders- the laundry probably being the second, and my bedroom being the third. I have a large kitchen and feel like I am always in rush mode. I know how we got to the messy kitchen problem. We have the hardest water ever! Seriously limescale is a part of my daily life. Our water softener ran out of water and no one noticed. Suddenly an entire load of the dishwasher was covered in limescale. Pretty much the only thing that removes this is vinegar. I had to soak everything in the sink to remove it then rewash and put away. On top of that I cook pretty much every single meal and don't put pots and pans OR tupperware into the dishwasher. So basically this built up into pure chaos.

The laundry has been out of control since we went to the first Polar Express. I can wash and dry but man putting up is pretty much beyond me. Add to that we cloth diaper and that sometimes can create a stall in things. I need to do enough washes that they are clean and that (because I work out of the house) can take a while. Between a messy toddler and a messy husband I am up against a lot.

So all excuses, I could stay up all night and clean but I just have not had the motivation. SO... My house is a disaster. It should be clean. I feel like things are not settled at home because of the mess and hopefully I get that solved this weekend. Cross everything for me! I seriously need a miracle.

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